Displaying tax-inclusive prices in the Product list

In MoneyWorks Gold 8.1.8 and later, when you customise the product list window to display Sell Prices, the column displaying a SellPrice field will display the calculated tax-exclusive price for that sell price. E.g. If the sell price is set up as a 10% discount of the A price, then rather than displaying the actual value in the field (10), the value displayed will be the tax-exclusive A price minus 10%.

This does mean that if you have a Sell Price that is set up as a tax-inclusive price, that too will display by default as the tax-exclusive equivalent (using the tax rate for the sales income account for the product).

If you want to display the tax inclusive price (for a sell price that is actually set up to be tax inclusive), you will need to use a calculated column to get the raw field value. In the Customise List View dialog, scroll to the bottom of the field list on the left and double click the last row ([“your calculation here”]). Then select the new row on the right hand list and click Edit… and in the calculation box, put the field name (e.g. SellPriceD). Set the alignment to Decimal. This calculated column will now display the raw (tax inclusive) value.

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