Change History for 9.0.8

22 Mar 2022

  • Fixed issues with 9.0.7 BAS Guide (spurious zeroes on box G11, box G1 not including GST Free Sales)
  • Support for mapping tax codes to foreign tax guide codes. See Paying GST/VAT in Multiple Countries
  • Available Shopify support
  • Available BigCommerce support
  • Available WooCommerce support
  • Product Sales Enquiry: Fixed various cosmetic issues
  • Product Sales Enquiry: Fixed various cosmetic issues
  • Product History: option to exclude zero qty lines
  • Customer Sales Enquiry: unposted setting is respected in movements list
  • Product Sales Enquiry: support include unposted on network
  • Email subject lines can now be pinned and stored for re-use
  • Save a Copy as Clone: Now includes asset categories
  • Pre-installed holidays now work on APFS and Windows
  • Stock transfer journals now auto-split lines to streamline entering serial numbers for created stock
  • Credit notes now respect quantity price breaks
  • Age by Due Date Report now omits cancellations
  • Autocomplete email addresses is now less aggressive
  • Prepayment deposit lines no longer omit tax codes when the deposit control account includes a department
  • Importing Job Sheet items – the type (IN/EX) may now be explicitly specified instead of relying solely on the sign
  • A negative stock purchase (return) with a discount no longer generates a spurious stock/cogs adjustment
  • When updating MoneyWorks, the std scripts are now replaced rather than merged. Don’t keep your own scripts in the std scripts folder
  • Fixed potential double & in Asset Category code popup on Windows
  • MoneyWorks will now post warning messages when document size approaches the maximum size (4GB)
  • Fixed a random crash on startup related to progress dialogs and software update check
  • Period numbers can be shown in the Period Maintenance dialog (hold down the Shift key)
  • Name.WebURL was allowing too many characters to be entered (field size is 63 chars)
  • Fixed some pixel alignment issues in budget spreadsheet window
  • Unposted cash transaction stock movements now show in Stock Enquiry with Include Unposted
  • Product importing no longer spuriously sets multiple price flag when updating existing products
  • More informative progress messages on clients when retrieving data from the server
  • Bank feeds: Yodlee Fastlink 4 — Localised default banks for New Zealand
  • Fixed software update download progress display when downloading manual
  • Fixed software update temp files being left behind
  • Statement importing: Coding a transaction to the same bank the statement is for is now flagged as an error


Scripting fixes and additions

  • Allow scripts to use intrinsic function/global names as handler/local var names. In this case the local identifier will hide the global one. The declaration will be coloured purple by the syntax colouriser
  • RemoveLeading and RemoveTrailing functions to truncate the beginning or end of a string
  • GetFieldValue on a period popup: pass true as third parameter to decode to period number
  • UI editor: popup control idents and z-order now redraw properly
  • UI editor: fix crash on Monterey when showing idents
  • Script editor: autocomplete window was not wide enough on Monterey
  • UI editor: prevent resizing objects to a negative dimension
  • UI editor: tab control selection frame+resize handle now show on Windows
  • UI editor: popup control selection frame+resize handle now shows properly on Mac
  • Installing scripts from .mwxml: better progress logging
  • Navigator() function may now be used from PostedTransactions handler (it executes asynchronously)
  • Fixed double & in popup menu controls on Windows
  • Removed unintended 32K length limit on concat and syslog functions
  • AppendPopupItems now interprets ( item prefix as disable this item (per documentation)
  • Fixed Mac script editor not deactivating when in background
  • Fixed potential crash if a script is called from a custom list column
  • JSON_Parse now correctly interprets \uXXXX where XXXX is non-ASCII UTF16 (update: this only got fixed on Mac; Windows fix coming in 9.0.9)



  • In ASP mode, the server now logs any folder login attempt
  • enableReconnections was not being maintained properly in the conf file
  • HTTP GET on the DC port now gives a 418 error
  • Console now flushes folder settings on exit field (in addition to changing list selection)
  • Correct reporting of certain REST request errors as 4xx or 5xx as appropriate
  • Changed the config variable name for verbose logging so that it gets turned off when updating. Do not turn it on verbose logging unless Cognito support asks you to
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