Change History for 8.0.4

22 June 2017

Performance improvements and bug fixes

CB/Express 8.0.4r1, Gold/Datacentre 8.0.4r2

  • Fixed a problem introduced in 8.0.4 with (among other things) selecting invoices for payment on Windows
  • Fixed a modality problem on Mac when a Form calls a time-consuming public script handler
  • Implemented Check for Duplicates for Sales Orders


  • Bank statement importing was not marking default (no rule applied) items as such
  • Stock Reorder is now much faster (especially when running on a network, but also in single user) and is also stoppable
  • Stocktake for batches now behaves properly when adding a new batch or serial in the stocktake
  • Scripting: Fixed the specific handler name for the Serial/Batch column
  • Stocktake commit is now transactioned again
  • Serial/Batch Picker: No longer omits an already allocated batch number that is still available at another location. This does mean that (for now) the allocated batch quantity will also still be able for picking even if the quantity has been fully allocated on the current sale. We plan to address this in the next update.
  • Made the Replace/Advanced Replace commands slightly faster when running over a network
  • Fixed a resource leak in stocktake finalise
  • Stocktake now runs progressively on the server, so it is much faster than v7, but it will not lock up a slow server either (which the original implementation in 8.0 could do)
  • ABN is set to not be imported in the default transaction import map
  • Added detail usernum/usertext to the std export format
  • Allow import into detail usernum/usertext
  • Scripted coach tips (using the Navigator function) are now instantiated asynchronously, so that if you display a lot of them, you won’t bog down the system window manager (excess ones will be discarded)
  • AppendPopupItems function now supports "#PER" to automatically populate period a custom popup menu with names. You can get the actual period number the popup is set to by using GetFieldValue(w, item, true) i.e. optional third parameter requests period number decoding. You can set the value with SetFieldValue(w, item, PeriodName(pernum))
  • Fixed an off-by-one affecting field length limiting for some fields on Windows
  • Category field in the Login table now properly allows 31 characters (was truncating to 7 or 8)
  • Reinstated the missing Sell column in the BOM editor
  • Fixed a typo in the Committed Stock report that threw a spurious script error
  • BOM editing was not forcing a save if you added an item but changed nothing else in the product
  • Scripting: Cell event handlers now called with correct list specific name in Transaction overlays
  • Replace with colour fields now works with “None”
  • Auto allocations rules now allow several decimal places for percentage and amount splits
  • Report Writer now warns about incorrect usage of TableGet function that would lead to severe performance degredation in a report
  • Reports/Scripts: For-loop textfile reading line length limit improved
  • Scripting: ImportImage() function was not working with a server
  • Increased maximum number of recurring transactions that will be processed in one go
  • COM ImportText/ImportFile no longer spuriously returning false. Now spuriously returns true again, for external scripts that care
  • CVE-2017-9615 Verbose logging mode on the server no longer logs REST request passwords
  • Zero contras on transfer journals are no longer omitted (this line is required to record the nominated contra account should it be needed)
  • SSL Certificate expiry dates now displayed in ISO format to avoid ambiguity when the server is in a country with an illogical date format
  • Fix a potential crash in the form printing list search optimiser
  • Fix a potential crash activating Preview window on Mac
  • Windows Datacentre installer adds firewall rules to allow server components to communicate with each other when Mordac has set the firewall to 11
  • Tweaked some Cocoa for compatibility with upcoming macOS release (10.13)
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