Change History for 7.3

MoneyWorks 7.3 is a significant update bringing user interface and performance improvements. This update is free for all registered users of MoneyWorks 7.

5 Oct 2015

Windows: DPI-Aware UI

  • The user interface is now System–DPI Aware: Windows are scaled to match the selected UI “text size” so that text is renderered sharply at all user interface scales (Windows are no longer pixel-scaled by the system).
  • The Windows UI has been flattened a little to fit in better with Windows 8 and 10.

Mac: 64-bit Cocoa app

The internal user-interface framework has been ported from the classic Mac/Carbon APIs to use the Cocoa framework.

  • 64-bit means access to more memory for better performance with very large data files (>2GB).
  • Cocoa Text system for data entry fields fully supports text transformations, speech, dictation, multi-level undo/redo, etc.
  • Core Text output for higher quality and slightly faster text rendering.
  • Faster initial launch and lower memory overhead on systems with no other 32-bit apps, due to not having to drag in 32-bit system libraries.
  • Resize windows from any edge (finally).
  • Smooth scrolling.
  • Retina display support—sharp text on Macs with Retina displays.
  • 64-bit operation is supported on Lion and later. MoneyWorks 7.3 will continue to execute in 32 bit mode with the Carbon framework on Snow Leopard.

El Capitan compatibility for Datacentre

You must update to version 7.3 before installing OS X 10.11 El Capitan on your Mac server (The El Capitan installer has a bug that will damage your Datacentre installation and prevent the normal software update from working; 7.3 has repair measures to autoatically fix problems caused by the El Capitan installer).

  • Unrelated to the El Capitan installer bug, versions of Datacentre prior to 7.3 are not compatible with the “rootless mode” of Mac OS X 10.11. In 7.3 the symbolic link to MoneyWorks Gold has moved from /usr/bin/ to /usr/local/bin/. This link is used internally by the server to start MoneyWorks CLI worker processes for serverside reporting, REST request processing, and various other tasks. If you have scripts that use the old symbolic link path, they will need to be updated.

Cloud/Internet performance improvements

  • Statements can now run on the server for orders of magnitude speed increase when running over an Internet connection. The caveat is that the fonts used on the statement form must be installed on the server. If your statement form uses special fonts only installed on your client, you will need to continue to have statements rendered by your client, otherwise statements will suffer font substitution.
    To enable server-side statement generation, you must set the “Run on server if possible” checkbox in the Form Options for the statement form.
  • Payments History optimised; now orders of magnitude faster when running over Internet connection.
  • Enquiry on a P&L account is now much much faster.
  • Purging is much faster, and may be interrupted by clicking Stop.
  • Sped up transaction entry window a bit more, especially with foreign currency transactions.

Script Editor improvements

  • 64-bit Mac version gets Scintilla-based script editor (as for Windows version):
    • Block indent/outdent (tab/shift-tab for selection)
    • Line numbers.
    • Unlimited script size.
    • Multi-level Undo/Redo.
  • Handler popup for easier navigation of large scripts.
  • Script control for reports now has syntax highlighting.
  • Added Copy Script as Styled HTML command to Scintilla script editor.

Increased some size limits

  • Report editor now supports reports with up to 30,000 parts.
  • Budget editor now supports unlimited number of ledger records without having to select a subset.
  • Up to 10,000 detail lines in a transaction.
  • Additional optimisations to improve performance with large data files.

Other improvements

  • New Privilege: Stocktake. Stocktakes were not previously protected by a privilege. Since this new prvilege will be off by default for existing users, it will need to be added for users who need it. Go to Sharing and Users and open each user who needs the Stocktake privilege and click the Stocktake checkbox under the Products heading.
  • Recurring transaction setup now picks up the date of the template transaction and syncs the start date to the day-of-month or day-of-week automtically. To have a start date that does not conform to the repetition rule, change the start date after changing the day of month/week. Recurring transactions and messages will now sync themselves to the intended day number if they were initially set up with a non-matching start date.
  • PDF output for forms now preserves the compression of images on Windows—when you email invoices and statements containing PNG or JPEG images, these images will retain their compression (resulting in a smaller PDF), provided that the images have 100% opacity. Additionally, on both Mac and Windows, form output with the same image repeated will result in smaller PDFs because the image will be stored only once in the PDF and referenced thereafter (this optimisation only happens for direct save to PDF, not from the Preview window).
  • Start menu items have been cleaned up: MoneyWorks is now just one icon link rather than a folder.
  • Improved scroll-wheel responsiveness on Windows, and we now respect the scroll speed preference in Control Panel.
  • Script runtime errors: now show line numbers in message and selects error line more reliably in editor.
  • New: GetLastErrorMessage() function returns last import error.
  • New: TableAccumulateColumn() function.
  • CreateTable() can now take an optional parameter to dimension the table.
  • Improved performance of Find Related ➝ Highlight with a large number of records to highlight.
  • ChooseFromList() fn: Window is now resizable.
  • Mac Shift-⌘-H for Payments History conflicted with key equiv for Hold in transactions, so has been changed to opt-shift-⌘-H.
  • Drag scrolling of lists is accelerated according to distance mouse is outside list bounds.
  • Navigator Extras folder is now in Signing list to facilitate signing of custom navigator panels.
  • Stock Journals: Stockcode field made bigger.
  • Script editor log display now autoreloads (Windows).
  • Improved file compression performance slightly.
  • Script mail() function may now be used with no attachment.
  • DisplaySelection() function now has an optional 3rd parameter: pass 1 to highlight results rather than making found set.
  • Removed conflicting keyboard equivalent on Contra command.
  • Report generation is more responsive to cancel button.
  • Currency conversions now use the rate for today’s date (in case periods have been opened in advance).
  • Improved alignment for parenthesis-negative integer values in reports.
  • Windows Script Editor now implements Find/Find Selected.
  • ReplaceField() function no longer clears the highlighted selection of associated list.
  • Searching long text fields (e.g. description) now always searches the entire text.
  • Export Script as XML: Now exports the current text even if the script has not yet been compiled and activated.
  • CLI no longer treats blank line input as “unknown command”.
  • Email attachments are cleaned up immediately, and backups downloaded from server no longer accumulate files on the server.
  • Balance Sheet view in Accounts list now includes Shareholders’ funds accounts.
  • Drilling down to a related record for a code (e.g. from the Customer code in a transaction) now only does a relookup of the customer information if you click OK for the customer record while the code field is still the active field in the transaction (likewise from products, accounts, jobs). Since drill down became modeless in v6, a relookup was always being forced regardless of any changes having been made. If you change the colour of the related record, that will be reflected immediately in the drill down arrow before you even tab out of the field.
  • Gain/loss adjustment journals against bank delta are now purgeable.
  • Change Password is disabled for MoneyWorks Now logins (document passwords should not be changeable for MoneyWorks Now users).
  • Faster list opening when sorted by extremely compute-intensive calculated column.
  • SetBudget(), SuggestNameCode(), and SyncTransactionImage() now available in MWScript.
  • Updated Stock History report.
  • Updated Malaysia GST report.
  • Updated Executive Summary report.
  • Statement of Cash Flows report: Required for Malaysia.
  • UK VAT Report: Amended for Flat Rate Scheme.
  • Sorting by a calculated column where the calculation is very time consuming (such as a SumSelection) will now time-out after 5 seconds, rather than locking up the server. If you absolutely need such a sort, consider using Advanced Replace or ReplaceField() to store the values in a user/custom field and then sort that.
  • Upgraded security of SSL connections
    • TLS is now enabled (previous versions were forcing SSLv3)
    • There is now an option to disable SSLv3 and use only TLS, but this may only be used if connecting clients have already updated to v7.3 or later.
    • Now using openssl 1.0.2d on both Mac and Windows.

Bugs fixed

  • Windows PDF now supports proper decimal alignment.
  • Fixed occasional double execution of script Load handlers on startup.
  • Improper use of IntersectSelection() et al in a search expression is now flagged as an error rather than crashing or hanging.
  • Find by Formula in budget and balance editor no longer limits search to a previous search result.
  • Text output is no longer inappropriately scaled due to display resolution setting (Windows).
  • Optimised and corrected some issues with date calculations and DayOfWeek() function on 64-bit Mac server.
  • Forms designer: Fixed cosmetic issues with editing a zoomed out list object.
  • Windows colour picker Hue label displays correctly.
  • Gold server reliability improved when multiple network clients are doing progressive searches.
  • Double-clicking title bar to zoom window in 32 bit version on Mavericks and later now properly resizes window content.
  • Fixed incorrect heading on gst finalise dialog.
  • Fixed highlighting of underpaid invoices in receipting dialog.
  • Fixed error when using Shift-enter in modify transaction selection.
  • Chart by month no longer outputs bad xml if month name is non-ASCII.
  • Windows PDF generation from preview no longer loses euro symbols and treats intra-field linefeeds properly.
  • Fixed misaligned syntax colouring on Scintilla when there are multibyte chars in the script.
  • Single quote ( ‘ ) in recipient’s name no longer breaks emailing.
  • Single quote ( ‘ ) in file name no longer breaks server-side backup.
  • Payments History now clears notes window when you change Name code
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed some code signing issues on Mac DC.
  • Prompt Payment Discount calculation no longer goes wonky when there are no discountable accounts on the transaction.
  • A failed XML transaction import with posting is now cleaned up properly, and database is unlocked immediately after success.
  • Receipt/Pay this Invoice now displays local currency equivalent.
  • Receipt/Pay this Invoice: fixed potential crash.
  • Reports: Custom Number controls no longer get rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Posting foreign currency transactions with loss/gain in local file no longer loses progress display.
  • Foreign currency gain/loss adjustments due to rate fluctuations should no longer get “currency delta” errors.
  • Ctrl-shift Esc (for task manager on Windows) no longer passes through the Esc to MoneyWorks, which could cancel the current operation (such as a report being generated).
  • Improved cache sizing to prevent memory errors with large files when running in 32-bit mode.
  • Fixed Bonjour incorrect advertising for Web apps on Windows Datacentre.
  • Windows Datacentre Console now quits reliably via Taskbar ➝ Close Window.
  • Option to restart Datacentre service at midnight (only via manual config file edit).
  • Option to oberride SSL cipher selection (only via manual config file edit).
  • Fixed missing “View” toolbar icon when in read-only mode.
  • Mad Mac email autofill from address book more reliable.
  • AddStatementTransaction fixed sign of splait allocation.
  • MWScript fixed potential crash in foreach in textfile with empty name.
  • Fixed potential crash when adding custom calculated column.


  • Mac 64-bit: Applescript terminology used by Helper scripts no longer supported. Use MWScript scripts to customise and extend application functionality. The core scripting API (open/import/export/evaluate/doreport) is still supported by Applescript as well as CLI and COM. If you need Applescript Helper support, it is currently still available when running in 32-bit mode, although the dictionary has been removed so developing new scripts is not possible.

How to run Mac MoneyWorks in 32-bit mode on Lion and later.
If you need to run in 32-bit mode to continue to use the features that are not in the 64-bit Cocoa version, select the MoneyWorks application in the Finder and choose File ➝ Get Info. In the Info panel, select “Open in 32-bit mode”

Other changes to be aware of

  • The Datacentre daily backup file names changed slightly, so older backups will not be overwritten, resulting in an increase in the size of the Backups directory. If your server is storage-contrained, you will need to delete the older backups manually.

OS version End-of-life

While MoneyWorks 7.3 still supports the following obsolete OS versions, please note that support for these OS versions will end soon.

  • Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
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