Change History for 7.3.8

Bug fixes and improvements
November 2016

  • Work around a trackpad scrolling bug in macOS Sierra
  • Update to openssl 1.0.2j
  • Improve compatibility with hiDPI displays on Windows
  • Account import to update category was not updating ledger records
  • Fixed “seq num sanity check” error when drilling down and changing an indexed field from a list sorted by that field
  • Batch Creditor Payments Next button sometimes went backwards
  • Fixed ‘VAT Number’ label missing from field name in Customer Details screen
  • Fixed a problem with negative purchase qty of job item with zero sell price
  • Updated Executive summary report
  • Fixed Daily Summary Dashboard wrong sign issue
  • Fixed spurious header account error message that could be encountered when importing journals
  • Improved numeric alignment when outputting to pdf on Windows
  • Detect circular BOM recipes
  • Fixed a report signing problem with analysis reports
  • Fixed failure to fully draw transaction entry screen on HiDPI display on Windows when initially active field is Trans Date
  • Fixed some crashiness in the history autofill for descriptions
  • Drilling down to a product and changing to certain tab views no longer behaves as if the product record had been changed (causing relookup of product info in transaction)
  • Corrected ratio calculation in Cash Flow Report

Gold/DC 7.3.8r1

  • Acme Widgets Gold sample file was broken in the initial 7.3.8 release
  • 64-bit Gold no longer needlessly asks for a relaunch when compacting large files
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