Change History for 7.2

MoneyWorks 7.2 March 2015


  • Fixed crash caused by long analysis filenames.
  • Housekeeping Navigator panel now has a heading for the data section.
  • Updated BAS guide for Australia (for 49% tax withheld).
  • Transaction.Flag is now included in fulltext search.
  • Bank account next payment reference number now enforces field length on entry.
  • Updated 1099 Form: incorrect instructions on form.
  • Updated Trial Balance report: Not printing detail.description correctly.


  • Changing view in Jobsheet list now clears the search box.
  • Exporting item records: Buy price field is now actual last buy price (used to be base currency stock unit cost price).
  • New script function ImportImage(tablename, key, path)
    • tablename is “transaction” or “product”
    • key is sequencenumber for a transaction or product code for a product
    • path is the filesystem path to the image file to import and attach to the record
  • Authenticate(user, password, privilege) function now tests privileges for the requested user, rather than the currently logged-in user.
  • Deposits on Order: fixed a rounding issue.
  • Fixed Debtor Terms display (if added via custom column) in Names list (was not displaying as signed on high latency connection).
  • Batch Creditor Payments: Fixed Outstanding column display on high latency connection.
  • Updated Job Detailed report.
  • Updated Reorder list report.
  • MWScript: Fixed crash on reference to uninstantiated array.
  • MWScript: Fixed crash when executing DoForm() followed by External().
  • Sanitise filenames for temp files that use window title as a base (caused, e.g., print to Excel to fail for windows with a script indicator in title)..
  • Find related Job from Accounts list: fixed crash.
  • Deleting departmentalised account: merge window on Windows now shows department options.


  • Additional MoneyWorks Now™ support.
  • Upload All plugins no longer removes the Pictures folders on the server.
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