Change History for 7.1.9

December 2014

  • Datacentre: Fix race condition in temp file creation (Windows)
  • Cosmetic fix in Period maint dialog
  • Datacentre: Sales Enquiry Value column no longer includes GST when enquiry runs on server
  • Updated BAS Guide (Aus)
  • Fix possible circumvention of Select Filters privilege in choices
  • Datacentre: Serverside Import on Mac: Error condition is now returned from AppleEvent if a data error occurs
  • Datacentre: Colour now shows in Choices windows on high latency networks
  • Outstanding Column in Payables/Receivables: fixed decimal display
  • Windows: Allow files to grow beyond 2GB
  • Mac: fix SMTP with SSL on Yosemite
  • Report editor: parts with breakspecs now display as such (v7.0 regression)
  • Applescript do report to pd: fixed
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