How MoneyWorks Services Work

MoneyWorks Services are not generally pre-installed, but will load automatically when you open/connect to a company file for which they are enabled.

When you register your company file you are lodging the details of that file so it can be uniquely identified for any services you might subsequently want to use.

When you enable a service for a file, a record of this is kept on our server so that when you open the file the enabled services can be automatically downloaded and installed. Once you have enabled one or more services for a file, you might notice a slight pause when you open that file as it downloads and installs the latest version of the service.

Once you have enabled and installed a service for a particular file, the service will keep loading for that file even if you do not have an internet connection (provided you are using a computer that has previously accessed that service). However as most services require an internet connection, this is probably of limited value.

Important:  Services are keyed to a particular MoneyWorks file. If you copy that file (or have a backup of that file), that copy/backup will still have access to the services of the original, and any changes in the services of one of the copies/backups/original will be reflected in all of them. If you wish to create a copy which does not share services, you should make a clone.