MoneyWorks Services, Support and Maintenance

MoneyWorks Services are optional modules that can be incorporated into specific MoneyWorks data files. There is normally some sort of charge for a MoneyWorks Service.

New MoneyWorks Services will be added over time. Current services include:

  • Bank Feeds: Automatically download latest bank statement data;
  • eInvoicing: Send and receive invoices automatically using the PEPPOL standard;
  • Invoice/Order Automation: Process PDFs of supplier invoices or customer purchase orders and have them automatically entered into MoneyWorks without having to rekey them.
  • Purchase Order Matching: Check price and quantities on imported purchase invoice (such as eInvoices and processed PDFs) against the originating purchase order, and automatically manage the received quantities on the order.

Note:  MoneyWorks Services are maintained and evolve constantly, and hence generally require the latest version of MoneyWorks. If you are using a service and it fails or gives inexplicable errors, make sure you are using the latest version.