Creating a New Job

To create a new job (not Cashbook):

  1. Choose Show>Jobs or press Ctrl-4/⌘-4

The Jobs list will be displayed

  1. Choose Edit>New Job or press Ctrl-N/⌘-N

The Job entry screen will open

Job code This is the code to identify the job. It can be up to seven alphanumeric characters long. You must specify a unique code for every job.

Name This is intended to provide a brief (255 character) summary of the job.

Client The code of the client for whom the job is being done. You must specify this, and the client must be a debtor (otherwise you will not be able to invoice them).

Colour Colour is for your own use to easily identify jobs (e.g. Red for urgent).

Categories These are used in the same way as Item and Name categories for reporting, analysis and enquiries.