Moving MoneyWorks Datacentre to a new computer

To move MoneyWorks Datacentre to a new computer:

Important: If you are using a Mac server, do NOT use Apple Migration Assistant to migrate to a new Mac. (It will offer to migrate MoneyWorks Server but it will make a complete mess of it. Don’t do it).

  1. Request the MoneyWorks Datacentre installer. Please contact us to request the Datacentre installer. Include your Datacentre serial number and the platform of the new machine (Windows or Mac). Note that we may not have installers for older versions of Datacentre that are out of maintenance.
  2. When you are ready to install, turn off the old Datacentre. Make sure that no-one is connected, and wait for a few minutes until all the files are closed and any backups made.
  3. Run the Installer on the new machine. Follow the MoneyWorks Datacentre setup instructions.
    • Re-enter the configuration information (serial number and other settings, including SSL certificates if you are using TLS, and webkey if you have one) in the Console.
  4. Make sure the new server computer is set to not go to sleep. Note that Mac servers will go to sleep by default. Change the sleep setting on macOS Ventura
  5. Copy the existing Datacentre file to the new machine. The Datacentre Documents directory can be located by clicking the Show button next to the Documents Folder entry on the Configuration panel of the Datacentre Console. Use this to find the location on the old machine and the target location on the new machine.
  6. Copy over the Archives and Backups if necessary and desired. These may be in the same directory as the Documents (so already copied over), or in a different directory. If they are located on a different server there is no need to copy them, just point the Archives and Backups directory on the new machine to the same location.
  7. Check the Documents and Permissions. Click on the Documents tab of the new Datacentre Console to see that the files are there. You may be prompted to update the Document permissions at this point. Note that if the Datacentre is installed on macOS Catalina or later you must give Datacentre full disk access (In System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy).
  8. Check that you can log in. On a client machine, start MoneyWorks Gold and click the Connect button. You should see the new Datacentre listed when you Connect Using Local Browser. Choose that and check that you can then successfully log in to your file.
  9. Uninstall the old Datacentre. You definitely don’t want to leave this running in case people inadvertently log in and start working on old files (and also your Datacentre licence only covers one machine). See Uninstalling MoneyWorks Datacentre.
  10. Check users’ Recent Documents. If users are connecting to Datacentre using the Recent Document link, it is likely that these will no longer work (this is because, unless you have specifically set it. the IP address of the new computer is likely to be different from that of the old). Clients should choose File → Open Recent → Clear Menu to clear the old Recent Documents (it will clear on next restart), and connect using the Connect button (this will make a new entry in the Recent list, which should work from then on).

If you have configured your router for remote access and the internal IP address of the new machine differs from that the original, you will need to reconfigure your router to point to the new machine (see Using MoneyWorks over the Internet). Also ensure that you set the machine to a fixed IP so it doesn’t change in the event of a reboot. It is easier to change the IP of the old machine and fix the IP of the new one to that of the original (this also means the Open Recent should continue to work).

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