Moving from Xero

Because Xero is purely cloud based, you don’t have the same access to your data as you do on a traditional system hosted on a computer under your control. This limits the type of data that you can extract.

Fortunately however, Xero does offer some limited export capabilities, either to Excel or as a CSV file. An overview of the exporting from Xero is to be found on their export page.

  • Chart of accounts (if you want to use the same structure)
  • Contacts
  • Aged Receivables Summary (without transactions)
  • Aged Payables Summary (without transactions)
  • Inventory Items

If you want to import your old chart of accounts, you will need to massage the one exported from Xero into the correct columns (use a spreadsheet for this). The information required is in the MoneyWorks Manual (Importing your Chart of Accounts on page G-363). However you may want to set up again to take advantage of some of the more sophisticated features of the MoneyWorks account structure.

To import the contacts, use the MoneyWorks File>Import>Names command. You will need set the File Format to Merge file, and manually align the MoneyWorks fields to those in the CSV file. Note that you should set the MoneyWorks customerType field to 2 for your debtors, and the supplierType field to 2 for your creditors. If you set the Code field to work-it-out, MoneyWorks will automatically assign a unique code for each customer/supplier.

To import your opening AR/AP balances, you should be able to use the MoneyWorks AR/AP import scripts, against the previously exported Aged Payables and Aged Receivables summaries. If you leave the code column as zero in the settings, MoneyWorks will match the customer/supplier name against the new code in the previously imported contacts to correctly assign the balances.

To import your items, you can use the MoneyWorks file>Import>Items command. Again set the File Format to Merge file, and manually align the MoneyWorks fields to those in the CSV file. However it is easier to the OpenStock script, which can also bring in your inventory count and value.

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