MoneyWorks Updates

From time to time updates to your MoneyWorks program or some of its components (such as reports and forms) will be made available. It is important that you are using an up-to-date version, and when you install MoneyWorks you will be prompted to check.

Note:  If you are a client to a MoneyWorks Datacentre Server, you will be updated automatically from the Datacentre Server itself. It is important that you don't update separately because, in general, the Datacentre Server and the Gold client must be using the same version.

You can set MoneyWorks to automatically check for, download and install these updates. To do this:

  1. Choose Software Updates from the Help menu

The software updates window will be displayed.

  1. Click Check Now

MoneyWorks will check the Cognito web site for any updates, and list any that are found:

To see a brief summary of what is in the update, click on it—the summary will appear in the Details section at the bottom of the window.

  1. Choose the items that you want to download and install by setting the check box next to it, and click the Install button

The items will be downloaded and installed. If you are downloading an update to MoneyWorks itself, MoneyWorks will need to restart.

Automatically Check for Updates

To have MoneyWorks automatically prompt you to check for updates, set the Automatically Check for Updates option, and the frequency (daily, or weekly) that you would like to check.

Note: Checking for software updates requires an internet connection.

Note: Firewall settings or proxy servers may block MoneyWorks from checking for updates. If MoneyWorks consistently reports that it cannot contact the Update server, you should check with your IT support person.

Note: If you have recently Connected to a Datacentre, you will get a warning if you attempt a software update.

Datacentre users should not use Software Updates—they risk being on a different version to the Datacentre server, and not being able to connect. Instead the Datacentre itself must be updated, and this will automatically deploy the updates.