MoneyWorks E-Invoicing

E-Invoicing is a mechanism for sending and receiving invoices electronically, based on the PEPPOL standard. There is no need to send a paper copy or pdf (although the latter is an option with e-invoicing). Instead the invoice is transmitted as electronic data and will just appear in the recipient's accounting system with no need to manual re-entry. This streamlines both the receivables and payables processed, plus saving a lot of data entry work.

The service is run by a network of service providers ("Access Points"), and MoneyWorks has teamed up exclusively with Link4 to provide this service in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. To use the service, for which there is a small charge, you will need to have a Link4 account (see below).

The destination of an eInvoice is determined by a unique number given to each organisation by a central national authority (for example, in Australia it is the ABN number). When you register with Link4 to use them as your service provider, they notify the central registry. Hence when an eInvoice is sent to you (as identified by your ABN), regardless of the sender, it will be routed to Link4, and then to you.

E-Invoicing is provided as a MoneyWorks Service for MoneyWorks Express, Gold and Datacentre. This means it has to be enabled before you can use it. To enable the service:

  1. Choose File>Manage Services

The services window will open, listing all currently available services.

  1. If necessary register your document
  1. Click on the More about eInvoicing link of the e-invoicing Service, then the Enable link

The service will be enabled the next time you open this document. You can disable the service by clicking the disable link.