Global Variables

The information entered into the company dialog box of MoneyWorks (such as company name and address details) is available for use in any calculation (these are also listed in Report Variables).

Additionally MoneyWorks includes a set of system variables allowing you to enquire about the computer on which you are running and the file that is open. The variables are reasonably self explanatory. Where the result is platform dependent (as in a file path), examples are given. Mac users should note that there are forms for returning HFS and POSIX paths

Address1...Address4the company postal address (in Show>Company Details). Address4 holds the Country value
AgingCyclean integer representing the current aging cycle of transactions. It is incremented every time the Aging command is used.
ApplicationPathMac: Macintosh HD:Applications:MoneyWorks Gold.app
Win: C:\Program Files\ MoneyWorks Gold\ MoneyWorks Gold.exe
AppSerialYour 15 character serial number
BaseCurrencyThe base currency of file
CacheFolderPathThe directory used by File_Open to create "CACHE/" files
CoRegNameThe prefix for the company registration number(determined by locale, e.g. IRD in NZ, ACN in Australia, IRS in USA)
CurrentPerThe current(i.e. most recently opened) period number
CustomPlugInsPathMac: Macintosh HD:Users:guru:Documents:MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins
Win: C:\Users\Public\ Documents\ MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins
Delivery1...Delivery4the company delivery address (in Show>Company Details)
DeliveryPostcodepostcode of company delivery address (in Show>Company Details)
DeliveryStatestate of company delivery address (in Show>Company Details)
DetailDateColumnEnabledIs the Show Date Column preference turned on
DocumentNameMac: Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
Win: Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
DocumentPathMac: Macintosh HD:Users:guru:Documents:Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
Win: C:\Users\Public\ Documents\Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
DocUUIDA unique identifier for the document (UUID)
Emailgeneral company email address (in Show>Company Details)
ExtendedJobCostingtrue if Job Costing is turned on.
Faxcompany fax (in Show>Company Details)
GSTCycleEndDatethe date the current GS/VAT/TAX ends on
GSTCycleMonthsthe number of months in the current GST/VAT/TAX
GSTCycleNumthe current GST/VAT/TAX Cycle number (incremented by GST/VAT/TAX report finalisation)
GSTExpensesInvoiceBasisTrue if GST/VAT/TAX reporting is set to invoice basis for expenses
GSTGuideNameThe name of the GST/VAT/TAX guide report to us (determined by locale).
GSTIncomeInvoiceBasisTrue if GST/VAT/TAX reporting is set to invoice basis for income
GstNumthe company's GST/VAT/ABN number (in Show>Company Details)
GSTProcessingSuppressedtrue if no GST/VAT/TAX processing
GSTRegNamethe name of the GST/VAT/TAX registration (determined by locale)
Have_Logotrue if a logo has been stored (in Show>Company Details)
Initialsthe initials of the current logged user.
LastAgedDebtorsthe date the debtors were last aged
LastBackupthe date a backup was last taken (using File>Save a Backup)
LastStocktakethe date of the last stocktake
LocaleMac: N8G
Win: N8G
LocaleFriendlyNameMac: NZ
Win: NZ
LogFilePathMac: /Users/guru/Library/Logs/MoneyWorks_Gold.log
Win: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Cognito\MoneyWorks Gold\MoneyWorks_Gold.log
Mobilethe company's mobile contact (in Show>Company Details)
MultiCurrencyEnabledtrue is the multi-currency option is on
Namethe company name (in Show>Company Details)
NetworkLatencyfor connected users, the network latency in milliseconds
PeriodNamesa comma separated list of the period names.
PeriodsInYearthe number of periods in the financial year
Phonethe company's general phone number (in Show>Company Details)
PlatformMac: Mac
Win: Windows
PlatformApplicationPathMac: /Applications/MoneyWorks Gold.app
Win: C:\Program Files\MoneyWorks Gold\MoneyWorks Gold.exe
PlatformDocumentPath1Mac: /Users/guru/Documents/Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
Win: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Acme Widgets Gold.moneyworks
PlatformPlugInsPathStringMac: /Users/guru/Documents/MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins
Win: C:\Users\Public\Documents\MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins
PlatformStandardPlugInsPathMac: /Users/guru/Library/Application Support/Cognito/MoneyWorks Gold/MoneyWorks 7 Standard Plug-Ins
Win: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Cognito\MoneyWorks Gold\MoneyWorks 7 Standard Plug-Ins
PostCode(in Show>Company Details)
preferredContactRolethe last role(s) chosen when last emailing
Print_Addresstrue if the Print Address option is on the Logo section of Show>Company Details
RegNumthe company's IRD/ACN/IRS number (in Show>Company Details)
RemittanceMessagetext to appear on invoices and statements for direct credit details (in Show>Company Details)
RemoteHostThe name of the server the client is connected to
SerialTrackingEnabledIs Serial Number Tracking turned on
ServerMaxConcurrentFor connected users, the maximum number of permitted concurrent users
ServerRegoThe serial number of the MoneyWorks server
StandardPlugInsPathMac: Macintosh HD:Applications:MoneyWorks Gold.app
Win: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Cognito\MoneyWorks Gold\MoneyWorks 8 Standard Plug-Ins
The next sequence number for each of the files at the start of the session (i.e. file opened in single user mode, or client logged in). Can be used to implement session filters or reports. For example, SequenceNumber >= StartupSequenceNumTransaction would find all transactions entered since the current user logged in.
Statethe state/province of the postal address (in Show>Company Details)
stockLocationTrackingtrue if stock location tracking is turned on
stocktakeLocationthe current location for a stock take as selected in your product list toolbar Location icon
StocktakeModeActivetrue if a stock take has been started by not finalised
TaxNameThe name of the main tax (e.g. GST, HST, VAT -- locale dependent)
TaxName2The name of the secondary tax (e.g. PST -- locale dependent)
UserMaxConcurrentThe maximum number of users than can connect the MoneyWorks server at any one time
UserNameThe logged in name of the user
Versionthe version number of the MoneyWorks being used (e.g. 7.0)
WebURLthe URL of your website; if this is a complete URL (i.e. includes the http://) it will be hot-linked to your website in pdf reports and forms(in Show>Company Details)

1  PlatformDocumentPath returns an empty string if document is not local