To complete the stocktake

  1. Click the Finish Stocktake toolbar icon in the Stocktake view of the Items list, or choose Command>Stocktake>Finish Stocktake

The Commit Stocktake window will be displayed again (as above) so that any remaining uncommitted stock count changes can be adjusted.

Once you have finished a stocktake, you can no longer adjust the Counted field in the stocktake view.

Accounting Note

The stock journals will write-off the stock at the average unit price of the items when the journal is created (and not the average cost when the snap shot was taken). There is a good reason for this: consider you have 2 items in stock of product X with a unit value of $3 when you do a snapshot. You subsequently revalue these to $1 per item. You then find you have only 1 in stock and so set the count to 1. If the original unit value was used, you would be left with one item in stock but with a value of negative $1.

Stock creations are done at the original value if possible.

Stocktake Report

Use the Stocktake Report (in Reports>Stock Reports) to report on the status of the current stocktake (whether it is in progress or has been completed). The report lists the stocktake and adjustments, with an optional reconciliation back to the general stock accounts.