Removing the Setup Account

Once the setup is complete, you will no longer require the Setup account(s), and it should be removed. Before doing this you should check that it has a zero balance by using the Account Enquiry—see Finding Account Balances.

Because the Setup account has transactions against it, it cannot just simply be deleted. Instead, MoneyWorks allows you to merge the account with another of the same type —see Merging Accounts. We recommend that you create a “Suspense Account” (if none exists), and merge the Setup account(s) with this by doing the following:

  1. Display the list of accounts by pressing Ctrl-1/⌘-1
  1. Highlight the Setup account(s)
  1. Choose Edit>Delete Account

You will be prompted for an account code of the same type.

  1. Click on the account named “Suspense Account” in the list
  1. Click Merge

The opening transactions will now refer to the suspense account instead of the Setup account. The Setup account record(s) will be removed.