Deleting an Account

If you have an account code in your chart of accounts that is never used, it can be deleted. If there are transactions or balances entered against the account, MoneyWorks will require you to nominate some other account of the same type to which the balances and transactions for the account being removed can be transferred. This is called merging accounts.


You cannot delete an account unless you are the only user.

  1. In the Accounts list, highlight the account(s) that you want to delete
  1. Choose Edit>Delete Account(s)

If the accounts have no transactions an alert box will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the accounts.

  1. Click the Delete button to delete the account(s)

Clicking the cancel button will halt the process.

Merging Accounts

If any accounts in the highlighted selection are in use, a dialog box will be displayed for each such account. You must nominate an account from the list of possibilities (accounts of the same Type) displayed in the list — you will not be able to delete the account if there are no eligible accounts for merging.

Note: You can only merge the account into one with the same security level. If necessary, change the security level of the account before attempting to merge the account.

  1. Type the code of the account that will receive the balances and transactions, or choose it from the list

If the account being removed is departmentalised, you can merge it with another departmentalised account having the same department group or you can merge it with a non-departmentalised account or with a sub-ledger of an account departmentalised with a different group. You cannot merge a whole account that is departmentalised with a different group.

Note: You can merge the account into another account, or a particular department in another account.

  1. Click Merge to transfer balances and transactions to the new account and delete the old one

The two accounts will be merged from this point. An entry is made in the Log File to this effect.

Clicking Stop will halt the Delete/Merge process at this point.