Invoice/Order PDF Scanning

Invoice/Order scanning allows the direct entry of PDF supplier invoices and/or customer purchase orders directly into MoneyWorks with no rekeying.

Instead PDFs of the invoices/orders are emailed to a designated email address, and each PDF is dissected into its key components and made available to your MoneyWorks file. The service works with MoneyWorks Express (for invoices only), Gold and Datacentre.

Note:  The PDF must be an original one received from the supplier/customer. You cannot use a PDF that you have created by scanning a paper invoice.

This facility is available as a MoneyWorks Service in MoneyWorks Express, Gold and Datacentre. Before you can use it you need to enable it:

  1. Choose File>Manage Services

The services window will open, listing all currently available services.

  1. If necessary register your document
  1. Click on the More about Invoice/Order Automation link of the Invoice/Order Automation Service, then the Enable link

The service will be enabled the next time you open this document. You can disable the service by clicking the disable link.

The service is provided by Ferret Software, who will be notified when you enable the service.They will contact you separately about getting started with the service (there is a small charge involved per invoice).