Changing the Page Size of the Report

The size of the page that the report is printed on, and hence how much information can appear on the report is determined by the Page Setup and the margin settings for the report. These are saved with the report, and can be adjusted when you print the report.

Page Setup

  1. Click the Page Setup Toolbar icon

The page setup dialog box for your printer is displayed. You can change the paper size and (on the Mac) alter the scaling

You can also access the Page Setup by clicking the Margins Toolbar button.

Report Margins

  1. Click the Margins Toolbar button

The Margins Settings window will be displayed—on Windows you can specify the scaling here. For further information see Changing the Margins and Leading

The printed page (as determined by the current settings) is shown in white in the report area. Anything outside of this will not be printed.


You can set the scaling in the Page Setup window (Mac) or the Report Margins window (Windows). A scale of less than 100% gives more room to work in.

Note that the report is automatically scaled to fit if it is too large—this is controlled by the Auto-Scale option in the Margins window.