Stock & Job Reports

For MoneyWorks Gold, there are a number of reports provided that specifically relate to stock and job control.

  • The Committed Stock report will show the current effective stock based on outstanding sales, purchase orders and (optionally) unposted invoices.
  • The Stock by Location report will show the stock on hand (or stock value) for the nominated stock locations.
  • The Backorder Summary reports summarise what is on backorder (either by product or by customer/supplier). These can be done for all backordered products, or for selected product or customers.
  • The Stocktake Report details the current stocktake (whether in progress or completed). The report lists the stocktake and adjustments, with an optional reconciliation back to the general stock accounts.
  • The Bill of Materials report prepares an exploded view of your bills of material (up to ten levels deep).
  • The Bill of Materials Costing report prepares a report on the current cost of built items, working through up to ten levels of bills of material. Use theUpdate BOM Costs script to update the costings in the bill of materials.
  • Additional product oriented reports, such as the Product Catalogue shown below, are sidebar reports in the Products list.
  • For more information on stock reports see Printing a Product List.
  • Job reports are available through Job Control in the Reports menu. For more information on job reports see Job Reports.

You can also design your own stock and job reports. Quick reports can be done using Analysis reports; more detailed ones using the Report Writer see Custom Reports.