Report Outlines

All Reports

The “All” reports print a list of all accounts and their balances, and can be used as an alternative to the Trial Balance. .

Assets Reports

The Assets report prints a list of all fixed asset accounts. If you select the “Print Movements” option in the report settings for this report, it will list out all asset purchases and disposals for the periods printed.

You should print this report for each period of the financial year and give it to your accountant. From this, she will be able to prepare asset and depreciation schedules.

Category Reports

A Category report lists accounts by category. It is available in Budget, Monthly and Yearly formats.

Profit Reports

The Profit reports provide a profit statement. The income accounts are printed and summed, or, where Sales and Cost of Sales accounts have been used, the gross margin is shown. This is followed by the expense accounts; the difference being the profit (or loss). There are several formats provided for these—preview them and decide which suits your needs best.

Trading Reports

The Trading reports use predefined categories to produce a trading summary report. There are versions for Budget, Monthly and Yearly.

In order for the Trading reports to work properly, you must have all income and expense accounts in your document categorised as follows1:

ADMINAdministration expenses (e.g. rent, photocopying, phones);
COGSCost of goods sold expense account (stock purchases etc.);
PROMOPromotional expenses (advertising etc.);
INCOther income (not covered by the SALES category);
OTHEROther expenses (expense accounts not included in one of the other categories);
SALESSales income;
WAGESWages and salaries expenses.

1  See the Acme Widgets tutorial accounts for an example of the use of these categories.