Uploading Reports and Forms

You can create or modify reports and forms on your local computer, and, once they are completed, upload them to the Datacentre server. Other users will then receive the modified forms/reports the next time they connect. You can upload either a single report or form, or the entire custom plug-ins folder.

To upload:

  1. Choose File>Users & Security
  1. Click the Signing button at the bottom left of the Password Control window

Note that users who do not have the Signing privilege will need the reports and forms to be signed for their use. See Protecting Reports and Forms by Signing

  1. Click the Upload tab in the Signing Dialog box
  1. If uploading a single report or form (e.g. one you have just signed), select it in the list, and click the Upload One button
  1. Click Upload All to upload the entire Custom Plug-ins folder

Server-Side Reporting on Datacentre

If the network latency is high (i.e. higher than a wired network), most reports will attempt to run on the server instead of the client when using Datacentre1. In general this will be much faster because it saves a great many database requests from having to run over the network.

When a report is running on the server the following progress window is displayed. Click Cancel to safely stop the report preparation.

1 This is controlled by the Run on server if possible option in the report settings.