Sharing your Document over a Network

If you want simultaneous access to your MoneyWorks file by more than one user, you will need to install MoneyWorks Datacentre. MoneyWorks Datacentre runs in the background on a server or workstation and provides high-performance network access to one or more MoneyWorks databases.

MoneyWorks Datacentre allows simultaneous access to an accounts database for multiple users. This actually means two different things:

  • Multiple users can work on the same set of accounts simultaneously, either over a local area network, or remotely across the internet provided their router is configured correctly.
  • You can set up multiple user names, each with their own password and privileges. Privileges control what data and procedures an individual user can access.

You can use the multiple user name and password functionality even if you are not sharing the data across a network. Likewise you can share data across a network without employing the enhanced security of multiple user names and passwords. Normally, however, the two go hand in hand, for obvious reasons.