Connecting to the local network

Setting the Connect Using pop-up menu to Local Network Browser will display a list of the MoneyWorks servers or documents available on the local network. The list will show the MoneyWorks document hosted by a single-company server, or the server name(s) of multi-company server(s).

  1. If you see your MoneyWorks document in the list, just select it, enter your User and Password, and click the Log in button

This will be the situation if you have a single company server. The file should open for you when you click Log in.

  1. Otherwise select the Datacentre Server name in the list

Generally there will only be one Server available, but some sites run multiple Datacentre servers.

  1. If you have been given a user name and password to log into the Datacentre Server itself, type these into the appropriate fields

Usually no user name or password is required for the initial connection and document listing for a local Datacentre Server (the username and password fields will be disabled), but if the username and password fields are enabled, you will need to supply these.

  1. Click Log In

The list of accounts documents on the selected server will be displayed.

  1. Select the document you want to access

If the document has users/passwords, you will need to supply your user name and password for this document.

  1. Click the Log in button

You will be connected to the MoneyWorks document.