Connecting to MoneyWorks Now

MoneyWorks Now is a distributed cloud service that provides MoneyWorks hosting in multiple locations worldwide, and also provides a single sign-on to access accounts for multiple companies so that you don't need to remember usernames and logins for all of them (if you are an accountant, you may have logins to many companies on MoneyWorks Now).

Setting the Connect Using pop-up menu to MoneyWorks Now will display the following:

If you have a MoneyWorks Now account:

Ensure that the I have a MoneyWorks Now account check box is ticked, and enter your MoneyWorks Now user name (your email address) and password, and click Log in. Double-click the file you wish to access from the list presented in the next screen and it will open for you.

If you don’t have a MoneyWorks Now account:

Enter your email address as the user name for the account you will create and your desired password and click Create. You will receive an email which you need to action to complete the account creation. Having done this, the administrator of the MoneyWorks document will be able to grant access to you, after which you will be able to connect to the document as described above. Note that the password must be at least nine characters long, and should be one that you are not going to forget (The MoneyWorks Now password is used to secure your access to all MoneyWorks Now documents that you have access to. Forgetting the password will require document admins to regrant access).

Important:  By default, your password will be stored in the Keychain/Vault of the computer that you create the account on. If it is not your computer, deselect the Add Password to Keychain/Vault checkbox.