Moving Your File to a Different Platform

MoneyWorks documents can be run on both Windows and Macintosh platforms without any file conversion. Similarly custom reports and forms can be moved between platforms. However you will need to make sure that MoneyWorks can recognise the file as being a MoneyWorks file.

The easiest way to move your document is to make a backup of it using the Save a Backup As command, then move the backup to the other computer. The backup file will be double-clickable provided you have installed a copy of MoneyWorks on that machine.

Note: When you move reports or forms between computers, make sure that they are put into the Reports or Forms folder in the MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder of the destination machine. Scripts are platform dependent and cannot be moved.

Moving from Mac to Windows: You may need to add the appropriate Windows file extensions for the type of file you are transferring (see table). For example, a document called “My Accounts”, would need to be changed to “My Accounts.moneyworks”.

MoneyWorks Document file.moneyworks
MoneyWorks Backup.mwgz
Custom Report.crep
Chain Report.rchn
Analysis Report.adf_
Invoice/Receipt Form.invc
Product Labels.prod
Job Forms.job_
Context-free form (e.g. GST Guide Form).rept
Import Map.impo

Moving from Windows to Mac: The files you move will already have the Windows extension as part of the file name. Simply copy the files onto the Mac, start MoneyWorks and use the File>Open command to open the file. You will not be able to double click a Windows file until it has been saved from within MoneyWorks on the Mac.

Platform Issues: There are some basic differences between Macintosh and Windows that you need to be aware of in moving files between platforms.

  • Any MoneyWorks preferences (Fonts, keyboard settings etc.) are machine specific and are not transferred with the document.
  • Company Logos that are pasted into your MoneyWorks document may not be available if the document is moved to another platform. They will however be preserved and re-appear if the document is moved back to the original platform.
  • The same fonts are not always available on both platforms (indeed, the same fonts may not be available on different machines of the same platform). If the font of the same name cannot be found on the new computer, another font will be substituted. MoneyWorks maintains a font substitution table for the common fonts, so that Helvetica on the Mac for example will map to Arial on Windows.
  • When fonts are substituted, the size of the characters will be different. This may mean that you have to resize your text elements in the form.
  • Pictures and graphics that you have pasted into a form may be lost when you move the form to a different platform (depends on format).
  • When you move a form or report from one platform to another you will need to reset the page layout for it.

Licencing Issues: Please remember that your copy of MoneyWorks is licenced to be used on only one machine, and hence cannot be loaded onto another.