Name Field Descriptions

The following Names fields need special consideration when importing. For a complete list of fields, see Names.

Code11Unique code to identify debtor or creditor. Can be set to "Work it Out" to create a unique name code based on the current settings for Code Assignment for New Names in the Terms panel of the Document preferences
CustomerType10 for not a customer, 1 for customer, 2 for debtor
SupplierType10 for not a supplier, 1 for supplier, 2 for creditor
DebtorTermsThe payment terms for a debtor. A positive number N, denotes N days. A negative number -N, denotes Nth day of month following.
CreditorTermsThe payment terms for a creditor. Settings as for DebtorTerms.
Hold0 = Not hold, 1 = Hold. This corresponds to the Hold check box for debtors.
CreditLimitCredit limit for a debtor
RecAccount7Accounts Receivable control account for a debtor.
PayAccount7Accounts Payable control account for a creditor.