Field Descriptions for Products

The following fields may need special consideration when importing into MoneyWorks. For a full description of product fields see Products (Items).

Code15Code to identify product. Must be unique (unless updating) Can not contain spaces or @.
Supplier11The creditor who normally supplies this product. If present must be a valid creditor code.
SalesAcct13Income account to be credited when the product is sold. Not required if you do not sell the product.
StockAcct13Current Asset account to be credited when product is sold. Not required if you do not stock the product.
COGAcct13Expense account to be debited when the product is sold. If you are not stocking the product, this is the purchase expense account.
SellPriceThe unit sell prices. See the Flags for GST/Discount settings
BuyPricePrice you normally pay per buy unit
AverageValueAverage per-unit stock value; you cannot alter this
ConversionFactorSell units = ConversionFactor * BuyUnits. Note that this is the reciprocal of what is on the entry screen.
SellDiscountSell discount percentage (0..100)
SellDiscountModeDiscount mode. A number in the range 1..4 corresponding to the discount mode menu items.
TypeP, S, T, or R. Inventoried products must be P
FlagsThis is used to set the various selling price options for the products, each of which is represented by a bit.
   fBreakAdd = #00008000
   fReorderWarn = #00000100
   fPriceTaxInclusiveA = #00000200
   fPriceTaxInclusiveB = #00000001
   fPriceTaxInclusiveC = #00000080
   fPriceTaxInclusiveD = #00001000
   fPriceTaxInclusiveE = #00002000
   fPriceTaxInclusiveF = #00004000
   fCostPlusD = #00010000
   fCostPlusE = #00020000
   fCostPlusF = #00040000
   fDiscountD = #00080000
   fDiscountE = #00100000
   fDiscountF = #00200000

Note that the Buy, Sell, and Inventory options will be set according to which control account fields you supply. This can only be done when importing new products, not when updating existing ones. If you supply an asset account to make a product inventoried, the Type must be P (in fact it will be forced to P).