Restoring a Backup

To restore a single document backup, open the desired .MWGZ backup file in MoneyWorks Gold. You will be asked for the location to save the restored file. If restoring a backup for access via the server, save it back into the server's Documents folder. To ensure convenient access for clients using their existing Recent shortcuts, you should restore it using the original filename.

Restoring a multi-tenanted (ASP) Datacentre backup

If your server had many documents in many folders and you need to restore the entire server's MoneyWorks data after a complete server loss and rebuild, you can use the moneyworks command line tool to restore the most recent backup of each file in a Backups directory (which you had an off-server backup of, and have restored from that backup). This will also recreate the folder hierarchy and folder security for an ASP server from the latest folder config backup.

Use the CLI restore command for this.

First, after reinstalling MoneyWorks Datacentre and restoring the Backups folder from your off-server backup. Then you can reconstruct the Documents hierarchy with one CLI command (your paths may be different):


moneyworks -e 'restore source="/Library/MoneyWorks/Documents/Backups" dest="/Library/MoneyWorks/Documents"'


moneyworks.exe -e 'restore source="C:\MoneyWorks Documents\Backups" dest="C:\MoneyWorks Documents"'