Change History for 9.1.1


  • Purchase Orders: Receive Prepayment Invoice for Goods – no longer spuriously requires serial numbers for serialised items
  • Added Dispose icon to Assets toolbar
  • Singapore GST changes: Support for reversed GST, and new default rate table for new documents. Note that for existing documents, you will need to update your rates in your tax table.
  • Fixed selection leak from report editor syntax checking and some user-specified searches
  • Processing a foreign currency PO to a pre-payment invoice now allows the exchange rate to be set on the prepayment invoice
  • Startup check that system date format is parseable (macOS cannot parse its own date format if you use ISO calendar with 2-digit year (2 digit year is not permitted in ISO date format standard))
  • The per-user Reply-To override option for SMTP now works again (it disappeared in the changeover from the external sendemail tool that v8 used)
  • Added batch expiry date column to Detailed Stock List report
  • Fixed problem with Bank Feed importing when multiple Load Bank Statement windows are open
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with Preview drill-down highlighting on Windows
  • Fixed display of current page number in Preview on Mac
  • Report editor cells: Renamed “Product Image” cell type to “Image”. You now load transaction and asset images using the Image cell type. Added tips to the Cell Display setting.
  • Fixed issue with product build where BOM contains batch-tracked items with small fractional quantities
  • Note: Documents opened with 9.1.1 will no longer be accessible using earlier versions of MoneyWorks 9 (but why would you want to?)
  • SMTP emailing: missing recipient address is now reported as such instead of “Failed sending data to the peer”


  • Critical server alerts: The server will now email the server administrator (as configured in the Console), if a critical error such as a backup failure occurs, or if the server is running low on disk space. Disk space warnings are sent at midnight(ish) when the service restarts
  • The Logging and Backup controls have been moved to their own tabs in the Console
  • Reinstated auto-install/auto-update of MoneyWorks Gold on Mac servers, because it is actually required for correct operation of the CLI
  • New option to reduce frequency of Pictures backups to once a week (since they can greatly increase the size of backup files)
  • Improved backup logging
  • Show file and Show log now work when the document root is just a drive letter (Windows)
  • Account changes now record the Who field in the log table
  • Statements for a selection including branches no longer omit the branches when rendered on the server
  • Fixed a couple of (rare) server crashes after database shutdown (including disconnected client reconnect attempt during shutdown)
  • Fixed issues with Console warning icons
  • Fixed problems with REST worker throttling after failures
  • Improved REST parameter sanitising


  • Fixed incorrect result for IntersectSelection on a sorted selection with a single-term non-indexed-field search expression
  • Scripting Privilege no longer required to receive commands from appleevent/COM
  • UpdateOrderLines (orderSeq, prod_qty_array [, linktoInvSeq]) – can now get the linked invoice behaviour with no linked invoice by passing -1 for the invoice sequence number
  • Fixed landscape PDF form rendering via CLI/REST
  • Fixed issue with DoForm() with blank format
  • Specific handler names for the transaction list now use XX as the type specifier when the type is ambiguous (it used to be ?? which was not valid in a handler name so you could not use it)
  • GetTaxRate function can optionally return the reversed rate
  • The Mail() function now behaves better with Outlook on Windows if the message parameter contains newlines
  • Clicks() function now resets when a window opens or closes
  • GetWindowByID() function now favours the topmost match if there are multiple instances of the window that match the ID
  • The search expression passed to the DoForm() function may now reference the caller’s in-scope variables
  • The DoForm() function now allows preview output of INVC forms to be pre-addressed for emailing by passing a contactRole parameter (either a numeric bitmask indicating which contact role(s) to add to the mailto) (this previously only supported STMT forms). Additionally, you can use a textual role name instead of a numeric bitmask for the contactRole parameter.
  • Script editor sidebar action menu available via right click in the sidebar
  • Script editor: Delete script can be used with multi-row selection
  • Two extra scriptable buttons (B_BUTTON2 and B_BUTTON3) on the Build window
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