Sample Scripts:

The following sample scripts are included in the Acme Widgets file. These are useful, fully functional scripts that extend MoneyWorks capabilities. As they may change your data in some form, we strongly recommend that you experiment with them in Acme Widgets (or a copy of your real data file) before using them in a live document.

POS Rounding:  Rounds an item receipt or invoice to the nearest 5 or 10 cents (or other currency unit, depending on settings). Intended for a point of sale environment.

Utilities:  A set of useful utility scripts.

Apply Landing Costs:  Apportion the nominated landing cost value over a supplier invoice to include the landing cost in any stocked items on the invoice.

Pick List:  Generate a new sales order based on the highlighted item records;

Auto Make Journal:  When a manufactured item is entered into the heading of a Make journal, automatically completes the journal with the components. Can be modified to go several levels deep for components that are themselves made;

Update BOM Costs:  Recalculates the bill of materials costs for the highlighted built items. By default the maximum depth for components is 5, but this can be changed in the script;

Filter Sort:  A script to reorder a nominated list filter;

Make PO Item:  A script that takes an account code keyed into a purchase order and automatically makes a corresponding “Other” item;

Update Currency Rates:  A script that, once a week, silently gets the exchange rates from Yahoo and updates the rates in MoneyWorks.

See Deploying Scripts for details on how to move these scripts from one file to another.