What you will need

MoneyWorks Datacentre This is the serving technology that enables fast, secure networking. There are two versions: a “single company” version, that allows a single company file to be shared, or a “multi company” version, that allows a number of company files to be shared simultaneously to different users.

A designated “host” computer This is the machine onto which the Datacentre software will be installed. It can be either a server or a desktop machine running recent versions of Windows or Mac OS X. It does not need to be a dedicated computer—Datacentre is invisible and runs in the background. If you want 24/7 access, then the computer will need to be running all the time.

Licenses In order for users on different computers to access the shared document, each of those users will require a MoneyWorks license. This can be either a full MoneyWorks Gold license, or a server-based concurrent license. If you do not have the requisite number of licenses (i.e. one per concurrent user), you will first need to contact your MoneyWorks reseller or visit the Cognito website to obtain the necessary licenses. Note that you only need to have licenses for the maximum number of users at any one time.

A network  You will need to have your computers networked. We strongly recommend that the server computer has a wired connection to your network switch.

What you will not need

You don’t need a domain controller, a dns server, a directory server or a file server  MoneyWorks uses Bonjour™ network service discovery to make it easy to connect to a MoneyWorks server on a local area network. MoneyWorks Datacentre does not require dedicated server hardware; it does not require a server OS — plain macOS or Windows (64-bit) is fine; it has no other software requirements.