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Auckland Tuesday November 21st

      9:15am - 4:30pm: Understanding and Using MoneyWorks Effectively $NZ399 [ref #M17711]

Navigating around MoneyWorks and the use of short-cuts for more effective operation; Customising MoneyWorks and the use of searches, filters and notes; speeding up transaction entry; managing debtors and creditors, bank reconciliations and GST; finding and correcting errors; order entry and inventory mail-merging from MoneyWorks; enquiries and key reports.
This course is relevant to MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express and Gold/Datacentre Users, and is suitable for both new and experienced users (new users should work through the MoneyWorks tutorial, available under the Help menu, before attending the course).

Auckland Wednesday November 22nd

      9:15am - 4:30pm: Advanced MoneyWorks Capabilities $NZ399 [ref #M17812]

Building on what was covered on the Day 1, a look at job costing, multi-currency and advanced inventory, plus an introduction to report writing. We will also discuss taking MoneyWorks to the next level: what is possible with system integration, scripting and remote access using iPhone/iPad/android.
This course is relevant to MoneyWorks Gold and Datacentre users.

Auckland Venue: Cognito Software, 16 Byron Ave, Takapuna

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