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Auckland Tuesday 16th April

9:15am - 4:30pm: Understanding and Using MoneyWorks Effectively $NZ449 [ref #M24902]

Navigating around MoneyWorks and the use of short-cuts for more effective operation; Customising MoneyWorks and the use of searches, filters and notes; speeding up transaction entry; managing debtors and creditors, bank reconciliations and GST; eInvoicing; finding and correcting errors; order entry and inventory; mail-merging from MoneyWorks; enquiries and key reports.
This course is relevant to MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express and Gold/Datacentre Users, and is suitable for both new and experienced users (new users should work through the MoneyWorks tutorial, available under the Help menu, before attending the course).

Auckland Venue: Cognito Software, 16 Byron Ave, Takapuna

To register, please complete this online booking form.