What’s new in MoneyWorks 6

MoneyWorks 6 was released in December 2010—these release notes are preserved for posterity

With over 100* new features and enhancements, including a more polished and streamlined user interface, rapid visualisation of your business’s performance with the new Navigator Dashboard, and improved presentation of reports and forms.


  • New Navigator and
  • Modeless transaction entry
  • Auto-fill and custom
  • Sticky notes
  • Powerful Preview
  • Native PDF generation (even on Windows)
  • Improved Forms Designer
  • Product Images
  • Original document storage
  • Direct emailing


* Note: Some new features may be specific to MoneyWorks Gold (or Express). This page describes selected new features only.


The redesigned MoneyWorks 6 Navigator is simplified, yet more useful and informative. It’s now scalable and displays live information


  • More efficient layout
    With fewer panels, you can now get around the Navigator with fewer clicks.
  • To do panel
    The new to-do panel reminds you of regular tasks, overdues etc
  • News feed
    Important announcements from Cognito can be (discreetly) displayed right in your Navigator

Recent documents

  • Welcome page
    When you start MoneyWorks 6, your recently-used data files are right there on the Welcome page for easy access.
  • Recent network connections.
    For MoneyWorks Gold, the recent files list now also includes server connections. If you have your password in your Keychain (on Mac) you can log straight in to your server with just a double-click.


  • The navigator Dashboard provides instant graphical snapshots of your company’s performance.
    Bank accounts, Monthly profit, Receivables (in Express and Gold), and Assets vs Liabilities. This provides at-a-glance understanding of how your company is doing. (And yes, in MoneyWorks Gold and Datacentre, the information is protected by privilege control).
  • Customisable
    You can even customise your dashboard—The new Navigator and dashboard is built using custom forms and custom reports that you can create and edit in MoneyWorks Gold.


Transaction Entry

MoneyWorks 6 streamlines transaction entry, lets you multitask more easily, and lets you keep track of original documents.


  • Auto-fill of codes
    New auto-fill lists show possible matches in real time as you type. If you don’t know the code, start typing any word from the description and still get a match.
  • Auto-fill from history
    If you often type similar transaction descriptions, you’ll find the new autofill-from-history a big time saver.

Custom validation lists

Custom validation lists allow you to specify a set of values that are allowed for many fields (in particular category and custom/user fields).


Multiple open transaction entry windows

Halfway through entering a Quote and need to do a quick receipt? No longer a problem: you can now open any number of transaction entry windows

  • Drill down to related information without interrupting workflow
    Want to look at a customer’s details; drill down to the customer and you can keep the customer window open while you go back the transaction
  • New keyboard shortcut to directly create a new transaction entry window from wherever you are.

Original document storage

If you receive invoices by email, or scan them in for electronic storage, in MoneyWorks Gold and Express v6, you can now attach them to the MoneyWorks transaction for easy recall. MoneyWorks 6 helps you get closer than ever to the paperless office.


Sticky Notes

Now there’s an easy way to remind other staff members (or even yourself) of information concerning particular transactions, accounts, customers, suppliers or products.

  • Attach “sticky notes” to transactions, accounts, names, items or jobs
    Sticky notes will pop up when you view a record or when you use the code identifying that record


Product Images

Attach images to your product/item records and includee them in reports and on quotes, invoices, labels etc.

[MoneyWorks Gold only]

  • Drag-and-drop image files into product records or click to import
  • Images are automatically optimised and stored with your accounts document or uploaded to your MoneyWorks server
  • Product Catalogue
    Customisable price list/catalogue, optionally with product images and/or barcodes as well as prices


Preview Window

A lot of your MoneyWorks workflow involves producing documents, whether they be reports, invoices, statements etc. MoneyWorks 6 has a greatly improved workflow for working with on-screen print previews.

  • High quality rendering
    Modernised, fully antialiased rendering; the preview automatically scales to fill the window.
  • Consolidates multiple previews into one window
    Each preview is named and timestamped; easily switch between multiple report runs
  • View side-by-side
    If you need to compare two versions of a report, just click the Own Window icon in the toolbar to open the current preview in its own window. MoneyWorks helpfully arranges the windows side-by-side.
  • Refresh
    Want the same report you just previewed but for a different month or with different options? Just click the Refesh icon in the toolbar to bring up settings for the current report.
  • Save as PDF
    Save the current preview directly to PDF without re-running the report. Even on Windows.
  • Send as Email (PDF)
    It’s now easy to preview a report or invoice on screen before emailing and you know that what you see is exactly what you are sending.
  • Copy page as PDF (Mac) (or EMF on Windows)
    Copy and paste pages from reports into iWork, Word etc


Improved Forms Designer

[MoneyWorks Gold and Express only]

It’s important to present a polished look in all your correspondence with customers.
The much improved MoneyWorks 6 forms designer makes it easier than ever for you to create or customise professional-looking business forms.

  • Zoom
    A much requested feature: Zoom in or out of your form to get a better view.
  • Auto alignment guides
    When moving or resizing objects, the edges will automatically snap to line up with existing objects on the form, making it much easier to achieve an attractive layout.
  • High quality display and output
    The forms designer and forms printing now use high-quality Quartz/GDIPlus rendering.
  • Line styles
    Dotted and dashed line styles, and arrows are now supported.
  • Fractional line widths 1/4pt and 1/2pt
    True fractional line widths are now supported. Finer lines can greatly improve the look of your forms.
  • Full colour range and transparency
    New colour pickers allow you to choose any colour in the full colour range for lines, fills and text. You can also add transparency to lines, fills, and graphics.
  • Find/Find again
    Easily find any text in formulas on your form.
  • Automatic optimisation of placed images
    Large graphics are now automatically optimised when you save your form.
  • Barcodes
    Include EAN13 (UPC) and GS1 (Code128) barcodes on forms and reports.
  • Leading control
    Control the line-spacing of text by adding “leading” between lines.
  • Product images
    Include product images in your quotes, invoices, labels etc.
  • Signing
    Re-sign and upload modified forms to your server using the new toolbar icon [MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre]


Multiple Instance Preference

  • MoneyWorks 6 makes it easier to work with multiple company documents simultaneously. You can choose whether MoneyWorks will close the current document when you switch to a new company document, or will instead start a new instance of MoneyWorks so that both documents can be open at the same time. The Mac Dock icon even has the company name so you can see which instance is which.
  • On Windows, using single-instance mode makes it easy to open or install* forms or reports in the running instance of MoneyWorks by just double clicking them in Explorer. (*as appropriate to product)


Stocktake and improved stock receipting

MoneyWorks Gold 6 offers improved inventory features for stocktakes and purchasing [MoneyWorks Gold only]


  • Stocktake facility
    The new stocktake mode allows you to directly enter stocktake values or import stocktake values directly into the product database. The necessary accounting transactions are generated automatically when you commit the stocktake.
  • Counted stock figures can be entered directly into the product list in Stocktake mode
  • Stock level importing
    You can import figures into the stocktake count: this means that when starting to use inventory it is easy to bring in your current stock figures using a stocktake.

Improved stock receipting

  • Stock receipting
    MoneyWorks now has specific facilities for receiving purchased stock ahead of the invoice. Also for handling prepayment of invoices for stock not yet received.
  • Find Related can now find the Originating Order for an invoice or stock receipt journal. This also works for a PO generated from a single Sales Order
  • New Committed Stock report
  • Available stock display
    When entering a Sales Order you can now elect to have the true available stock displayed (taking existing unshipped sales orders into account).


Direct emailing

Emailing of invoices and other forms and reports can now optionally be done by direct connection to an SMTP mail server as an alternative to creating individual messages in your mail client.
This can make sending many emails much faster and easier.

MoneyWorks 6 still supports GUI-client email creation (Simple-MAPI-compatible clients on Windows, Apple Mail and MS Entourage on Mac, and v6 adds Office Outlook 2011 support


Because you asked for them…

  • Receive payment in different currency from invoice
    You can now enter an invoice payment in a different currency than the currency that the invoice was issued in. MoneyWorks Gold takes care of the necessary accounting for you. [MoneyWorks Gold only]
  • Redo Bank Reconciliations
    Clear from selected page number function allows you to redo bank reconciliations from a point in time
  • Importing transactions whose line items are split over multiple lines in the import file can now have import calculations applied to each detail line
  • Mac version now supports long unicode file names for all documents.
  • Funds transfer transactions can now be cancelled.
  • Apply To All option when posting transactions that trigger an out-of-stock condition
    If posting transactions with several lines that would result in stock-on-hand going negative, you can apply your “go negative” decision to the entire batch rather than having to click through each one. [MoneyWorks Gold]

  • Transaction entry by item now has the same order of quantity and item code as the order entry (i.e. product code first).
    This facilitates entry of transactions using a barcode scanner. [MoneyWorks Gold]
  • Landscape orientation of reports and forms is now preserved when you move the report/form document between Mac and Windows
  • Preferred bank is now remembered for each currency [MoneyWorks Gold]
  • Order Number Required option for Suppliers can be used to prevent entry of a purchase order without suppling an order number [MoneyWorks Gold]
  • MoneyWorks Gold, Express and Cashbook now all share the same file format, allowing documents to be freely used between different MoneyWorks products (so long as product-specific features are not used).
  • New Company field for Banking Details
    Enter your bank details in the company details dialog box to have a direct payment message automatically added to standard invoice forms
  • Export format for Kiwibank online banking [New Zealand]
  • Export format for TD Bank Web Business Banking online banking [Canada]
  • Currency breakdown option in the Account Enquiry graph when visualising a range of accounts in different currencies [MoneyWorks Gold]
  • Classification can be set for non-departmentalised accounts
    E.g. the GL accts for banks/accrec/stock etc could be allocated a classification and hence a complete divisional balance could be done. [MoneyWorks Gold only]
  • Integrated TeamViewer
    Teamviewer client can be accessed from the Help menu to enable support providers to directly help you by seeing your screen.
  • Improved Company Logo graphic importing and optimisation
    Many imported graphics formats will be optimised to appropriate sizes automatically, speeding up print times and minimising document sizes, including sizes of PDF invoices etc.
  • Bank statement import can now automatically open periods as required if the transactions being imported are for months that you have not yet opened
  • “Pay This” and “Receipt This” contextual menu options allows you select an invoice and directly generate a payment transaction for it. [Express, Gold]
  • Prompt payment discount: terms modifiable by invoice
    Individual invoices can have the customer’s or supplier’s default terms overriden for that specific invoice. [Express, Gold]
  • Special Prompt Payment Discount modes for UK and USA [Express, Gold]
  • Optional format expression for calculated columns
  • Standard invoice forms in UK now display VAT number of EU customers
  • Where feasible, the currently highlighted set of records is now retained when you change the sort order
  • On Windows, text boxes now grow vertically to accomodate text that won’t fit instead of scrolling horizontally (as the Mac version has always done).
  • Mac OS X Dictionary support in text entry fields (Mac only, obviously)


Scripting and integration

[Generally only applicable to MoneyWorks Gold and Datacentre. If you’re not a technically minded systems integrator, just skip right over this section.]

  • The command line interface can now post existing transactions

  • The doreport command line verb can now output in PDF format

  • The command line interface can now output forms (invoices etc) as PDF files

  • Helper Scripts now get the Before message when the Next button is used to enter multiple records in sequence

  • New SEQUENCE_NUMBER pseudo field allows helper scripts to access the sequence number of an open record window

  • Diagnostics can now be run from the command line interface using the verb “diagnose”.

New intrinsic functions

  • Allowed(“privilege-name”)
    Reports, forms, and scripts can directly query any of a user’s privileges
  • Char
    Convert a codepoint to a text character
  • Code128
    encode text for Code128 A/B/C barcodes
  • DollarsToEnglish now has a French option
    “Quatre-vingt-un dollars et 50/100”
  • HexDecode
    encode data in hexadecimal
  • HexEncode
    decode hexadecimal data to a string
  • Pow
  • Sqrt
    Square root


MoneyWorks Datacentre Server 6

MoneyWorks Datacentre 6 naturally includes all of the new features and benefits of MoneyWorks Gold 6, plus a few specific improvements.

The upgrade to version 6 is provided at no additional charge as part of the Datacentre software maintenance programme (programme subscription must be up-to-date).

New Console app
The new Console applicaiton facilitates setup and management of your server. It is now very easy to set up password-protected or connection-limited subfolders.

  • Server-side reporting
    MoneyWorks Datacentre can now run complex reports on the server. This can make reporting many times faster (up to 500x faster if you are connecting over the internet)
  • Disconnection of idle clients
    Idle clients now get advanced notice before the server terminates a connection due to lack of activity.
  • Per-user preferences (such as customised list views) can now be copied from one user to another in the user privileges dialog box
  • Datacentre will now automatically create a custom plugins folder for you when you upload forms or reports
  • Users who are locking the database now get a regular reminder that they are doing so
  • Datacentre can now automatically open a new period the first time a document is accessed in a new month (subject to preference setting)
  • Datacentre clients can now access the local Acme Widgets sample file for staff training
  • Signing and upload functions are now easily accessible from the forms designer and report writer.
  • Software update installation is now done for you by the Console application. The command-line client also gets automatically updated at the same time.



“Version 6 is chock full of really cool features that everyone will use.
I can’t wait to be able to share the new features with existing, and new clients. My favourite features are Sticky Notes, and being able to attach .pdf’s to transactions”

—Heather Pettigrew
Cachet de Software
beta tester

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