MoneyWorks-Daylite Connector

The connector provides a direct link between MoneyWorks Datacentre and Daylite, the award winning Business Productivity & CRM system from Marketcircle.

With the connector you can:

  • Import your customer/supplier records in bulk from MoneyWorks into Daylite. Makes it easy for existing MoneyWorks users to get Daylite up and running quickly.
  • Update MoneyWorks in real time when the contact information changes in Daylite. MoneyWorks will reflect the change in the contact details with no data re-entry.
  • See live MoneyWorks customer financial and transactional information in a Daylite “Dashboard”. See transaction and payment history, order information and account status information from MoneyWorks live in Daylite. All the information you need about your customers at your fingertips, without needing to physically access MoneyWorks.
  • Import item records in bulk from MoneyWorks into Daylite to update your Daylite prices. Always have up to date pricing information when preparing estimates in Daylite.
  • Send your Daylite estimates to MoneyWorks. Your Daylite estimates will appear as Quotes in MoneyWorks at the click of a button.

System Requirements

The connector requires Daylite 6 or later, and MoneyWorks 7.3 or later. Machines on which the connector is installed must using Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. For Datacentre users, the connector only needs to be installed on Macs running Daylite (MoneyWorks does not need to be installed on the same machine–indeed your MoneyWorks can be hosted on a PC in Kathmandu, and, barring accidents with firewalls, the connector will still work).

For MoneyWorks Gold and Express users Daylite and MoneyWorks must be running on the same computer. Note that MoneyWorks 7.3 or later is required for this desktop version of the connector.

The Connector requires a serial number, which can be purchased for USD99.00 or equivalent from the MoneyWorks Addon Store. When purchased, you will be emailed a receipt and the download link.

For convenience, the documentation link is below:

MoneyWorks Daylite Connector Guide.pdf

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