Introducing MoneyWorks 7: The fastest just got faster

MoneyWorks 7 was first released in August 2013—these release notes are preserved for posterity

With many significant new capabilities and extensive work “under the hood”, MoneyWorks 7 is both faster and easier to use.


Faster, easier full-text search

The new search box in the toolbar makes finding information both faster and easier. Just type a word and MoneyWorks instantly starts searching the full text of the records in the list (even including sticky notes and detail lines).


Now you can record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language, including Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Cyrillic and most other non-Roman text. This also provides full cross platform support for accented characters (bonne idée, Māori) and other special symbols.


MoneyWorks has long been a speed king in the accounting software world, but now the database and network performance have been made even faster. Datacentre users in particular will benefit from some dramatic network performance increases—especially for clients connecting over the Internet.

I just used MW7 on […] Starbucks wifi and I honestly can’t believe how fast it was!”

—Jon, UK beta tester


MoneyWorks Gold 7 includes a built-in script editor and compiler for an easy to learn and use scripting language which allows for extensive customisation of application behaviour. Scripting dramatically increases the power of MoneyWorks, allowing you to place your own buttons on windows to add additional functionality to MoneyWorks. Want to automatically round transactions to the nearest 10 cents? Automatically update exchange rates daily, weekly or monthly? Implement a complex pricebook? It can be done with a script.


Stock Counting

Stock counting is ideal for those who do not want the overheads of running full stock accounting, but just want to keep a simple count of items. Available in all products (including Cashbook and Express), it is ideal for situations like farm accounting and share portfolios, where full inventory accounting is not appropriate.

More Reports

We’ve added some great new reports and reorganised the existing ones to make them easier to access. Many reports can now be accessed directly from the list sidebar. New reports include:

  • Daily Summary Dashboard
  • Executive Summary
  • Backdated Transactions
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Overpayments Report
  • Trial Balance to Date
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Department Listing
  • Profit and Loss for Five Years
  • Cumulative Profit and Loss for Period Range


Other changes include…

  • Posting
    Posting now happens on the server so it is much faster when running on a network. And to streamline things, the posting process no longer stops and asks for a decision on how to treat out-of-stock conditions.
  • Customisable Reports
    With the exception of the GST/VAT report, all reports have been reimplemented as custom reports, so you can modify them (in MoneyWorks Gold) if you want.
  • Sidebar Reports
    Reports which operate on list selections are now directly accessible through the list’s sidebar.
  • New locale for Malaysia
  • Electronic banking security enhancement (multiple exports with different accounts are logged)
  • Toolbar icons that do not fit in window are now accessible from a chevron menu
  • Report Privileges
    Access to the standard reports is now subject to privilege control, for easier management of financial security. For example, you can only run a Profit and Loss report if you have the Account Enquiry privilege. Reports can still be signed for a finer level of access control (the factory-standard reports have been signed by Cognito to allow them to be run by anyone with appropriate privileges.
  • Building Items
    Parts need no longer be in stock (they will just go into negative stock). Components no longer need to be purchased, but only require a cost account specified on the Item’s Costing tab.
  • Additional user-defined storage in the User2 table
  • Transaction Details printing
    Get a transaction details report for selected transactions right from the transaction list toolbar or sidebar. This report is now customisable using the Report Writer.
  • MoneyWorks Manual
    The revised User Guide for MoneyWorks 7 is now installed on-demand and can be updated via Software Updates, should that be required.
  • On-line help
    The on-line help system is now fully integrated with our web site for an improved and consistent answer-finding experience.
  • Improved Refund dialogs make it easier to select credits for refunding (especially if you have hundreds of them!)



New scripting facilities allow for easy customisation and extension of MoneyWorks functionality.

With MWScript, you can:

  • Add toolbar buttons or menu commands to invoke your scripts
  • Validate or auto-fill data entry fields or screens
  • Invoke or look up data from external web services
  • Create simple dialog boxes for data capture
  • Included example scripts for exchange rate lookup, cash-rounding, BOM cost update and journal creation, purchase order creation.


Scripting language features

  • Platform neutral: Write once; deploy on either platform
  • Fully embedded: Policy-enforcing scripts cannot be circumvented by removing script file.
  • Fast. Scripts run right in MoneyWorks, so there is no IPC overhead
  • The MWScript language is closely aligned with purpose, making it really easy to customise MoneyWorks.
  • Very dynamic loading of scripts: Make a change, activate script and it’s immediately enabled.



  • Easy deployment: Scripts can be emailed to customers and installed by a double-click.
  • See the Developer page for MWScript Documentation.


MoneyWorks Datacentre Server 7

MoneyWorks Datacentre 7 naturally includes all of the new features and benefits of MoneyWorks Gold 7, plus a few specific improvements. The upgrade to version 7 is provided at no additional charge as part of the Datacentre software maintenance programme (programme subscription must be up-to-date).


The Cloud

It’s not just for web browsers.

With phenomenal performance enhancements to overcome Internet latency, and interoperability features such as the REST interface introduced in v6.1, MoneyWorks Datacentre now gives you the opportunity to run your own access-anywhere cloud server. Host on your own site, or with an application hosting service.

Your data, on your server, with a fully interactive desktop user interface. Integrate with other applications on your desktop, or server-based applications on your server.


Enhanced Internet performance

Extensive work has been done to dramatically increase the performance of MoneyWorks Datacentre over a high latency network (aka “the internet”). For most operations, using Datacentre over the internet from a remote location is almost as fast as a local area connection.

  • Faster login
    The server connection process has been optimised to dramatically speed up login to the server.
  • Server-side reporting
    All standard reports (including sales analysis, GST etc) now run on the server, and all output modes are now supported when running on the server (in version 6, only previewing was supported for server-side reports). It is no longer necessary to reserve a user login for use by the server-side reporting service.
  • Faster searches
    Advanced Find (used by complex search by formula) is now optimised and progressively executed on the server, so this type of search is now much faster. And of course there is the new dead-simple full text search in the toolbar.
  • Faster list display
    Advanced look-ahead caching means list display on a slow network is as responsive as on a LAN. (Note, if you have custom calculated columns in your lists then these may defeat the caching, so your mileage may vary).
  • Faster Enquiries
    The include-unposted function of the account enquiry is now executed on the server, so is much faster.
  • Faster posting
    Now done on the server. Don’t blink.
  • Faster Bank Rec
    Starts much faster and much more responsive on a slow network.
  • 64-bit
    Datacentre database servers now run in 64-bit mode on Windows as well as Mac, improving memory availability and therefore performance for very large files.


System Requirements

  • Mac
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. Intel processor
  • Windows
    Windows XP SP3 or later. x86 or x64 processor.


  • Gold, Express, and Cashbook
    Upgrades may be purchased on our store
  • Datacentre
    Upgrade is provided as part of your maintenance programme. Please ensure your maintenance subscription is up-to-date.


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