I don’t like the “new” focus ring animation

MoneyWorks 7.3 (64-bit) on Mac, uses the Cocoa UI framework instead of the older Carbon framework.

This means that if you are on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later, tabbing between fields will have an animated focus ring that zooms in around the newly active field. This is standard behaviour for Cocoa apps in Yosemite and later.

But I don’t like it.

You can turn it off (for every application on your Mac).

  1. Quit MoneyWorks
  2. Press ⌘-space to open Spotlight search
  3. type Terminal
  4. the Terminal app should be found; click it to open it.
  5. terminal

  6. In the terminal app, type (or copy/paste) this (then press enter):

defaults write -globalDomain NSUseAnimatedFocusRing -bool NO

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