Change History for 9.0.5

10 Nov 2021

  • Fixed a crash on 9.0.4 Windows server when uploading a JPEG
  • Fixed a rare crash on 9.0.4 Windows server when client disconnects
  • Fixed spurious departmentalised control account error in product importing when updating
  • Tax by Currency Report: Was not correctly handling inwards transactions on an invoice basis
  • Small optimisation for importing payments on invoices
  • Report part search expression syntax check now has “invis” custom controls in scope
  • Fixed spurious currency error that could happen when importing transactions
  • Commission Report now set to run on server
  • Script Editor – fix margin drawing on macOS Monterey
  • UK VAT: Amend to handle assets on flat rate scheme
  • Mac custom date format YYYY-mm-dd no longer causes format alert in NZ
  • Std plugins on Mac now have file extensions, since Big Sur and later will not display icons in Finder based on Finder type metadata alone
  • Improved budget importing — A/B budget supported, invoke by drag & drop supported, auto-detect of number of periods, drop file on column to specify start period
  • Colour field in User2 table
  • XPathEval count for empty nodeset now works

Datacentre/Gold 9.0.5r1 16 Nov

  • Fixed Tax rates dialog being read-only on a server in 9.0.5
  • Fixed high CPU usage in the import dialog (Mac)
  • Cosmetic fix to edit list column resize on Mac
  • Scripted clipboard access
  • Fixed potential crash on server shutdown
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