Change History for 9.0.3

2 Sept 2021

  • Improved network resilience when client network connection drops temporarily, and improved idle client detection for Windows clients
  • Improved report execution speed, particularly on Windows servers running on KVM virtual machines
  • MAPI mailing is now modeless when connected to a server
  • Receive non-stocked items from PO before invoice now supports all items on order being non-stocked
  • Bank Feeds Fastlink now uses external browser on Windows to work around embedded browser compatibility problems in Yodlee Fastlink
  • Show Company Details: added a “Single user mode required” notification
  • Improved Sum Selection on Orders to differentiate allocated and backordered
  • CSV Bank statement importer
  • Improved handling of departments in Asset Register
  • Account Enquiry Include Unposted performance improved on server
  • Fixed cosmetic Account Enquiry drill down highlight issue (Windows)
  • Shift-Next in Transaction entry now turns off Recurring checkbox, because the recurrence record is not duplicated
  • Datacentre Session file recovery is now always logged
  • Fixed a crash when closing a window immediately after starting to compose an accented character in a field on Mac

Scripting enhancements

  • Scripting: <READ> metasymbol to make a custom field read-only
  • Scriptable option to disable TLS attempt for SMTP: BuiltIn:SetSMTPEnableTLS(false)
  • Scriptable option to enable JS error reporting in Windows Web View: WebViewControl(w, "L_WEB", "options reportErrors='true'")
  • CLI can directly execute .mwscript files
  • Fixed an issue with REST request logging
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