Change History for 8.2

Bug fixes and performance enhancements
9 Mar 2020

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • Bank statement importing now supports new-syle XML-based OFX in addition to old-style SGML-based OFX bank statements
  • Bank statement importing remembers your preferred format and should generally pick the right format between QIF, old OFX and new OFX (including QBO, QFX)
  • Fixed a syntax error in the Cash Flow report
  • Updated Stocktake Report to fix overlapped numbers in middle column
  • When creating PDFs on Windows, MoneyWorks will look for per-user installed truetype fonts in addition to systemwide ones.
  • Fix an issue with non-ASCII characters in emailed PDF file name
  • Made the AppleEvent permission message more generic because Apple uses it in unexpected places, like when you delete a file from a File-Open dialog box
  • Datacentre: Managing BOM is much faster on a high-latency network
  • Datacentre: Reliability improvements on very high load servers
  • Datacentre: Fixed cloning via [New] templete mechanism
  • Datacentre: Added config option to disable mDNS
  • Fixed issues with choosing/validating serial numbers in journals and stock returns
  • Better handling of spurious Objective-C exceptions from printer drivers (Mac)


  • Fixed a potential crash in AddStatementTransaction
  • File_Open can use a filename of “STDIN” to open a dropped file passed to a bank statement importer script. Falls back to a file open dialog as for an empty name if there wasn’t a dropped file
  • SavePicture now works on the transaction image placeholder for newly imported images plus GetFieldValue now provides useful generation information for built in picture placeholder objects.
  • Floating windows created from a script are now closed when the document closes
  • Script loading is now logged
  • CLI now becomes much more verbose when -v option is used twice
  • CLI optimg command. See the man page for details
  • Fixed potential crash with Applescript Evaluate expression that results in error
  • ChooseFromList now accepts the full range of numeric list option flags as for InsertListObject
  • Fixed incorrect timezone indication during Daylight Saving for DateFormRFC2822 format on Mac
  • Added DateFormISO8601Time formatting for DateToText
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