Change History for 8.2.1

Bug fixes
May 2020

General fixes

  • Fixed a GDI resource leak on Windows that could eventually lead to a crash
  • Fixed reporting of filesystem permissions/access errors on Windows, which would sometimes be reported as “Error 6” instead of the actual error
  • Fixed crash connecting to Daylite (Express)
  • Auto allocation rule: “Any field” now only uses Contains matching rather than Starts With.
  • Fixed spurious error logged when line-breaking on unicode characters in forms
  • SMTP emails now allow longer message text
  • PDF output on Windows is now more tolerant of transient filesystem errors that may be caused by antivirus software
  • PDF output on Windows no longer fails when a form made on Mac has an embedded PDF
  • New accounts doc: Mac now defaults to ~/Documents again instead of home directory
  • Forms Designer: Fixed cosmetic issue when deleting list columns
  • Forms Designer: Lists with Calculated by Row Count now support the index variable to get the row number
  • Fixed crash in the Bank Statement import when clicking in the blank space below the reconcile column
  • Fixed currency numeric format issue in the CLI
  • Fixed batch expiry date lookup on Windows when selecting a batch from the batch chooser
  • ReplaceField functionality enabled on TheirRef and receipt detail fields
  • Fixed Windows frame window status bar height after window resize on HiDPI screen


  • Long running backup from previous close no longer causes error in a subsequent database close when REST request frequency matches shutdown latency
  • Fixed moneyworks_server user showing in system preferences Users list with no Real Name
  • No longer logging network error payloads
  • Image optimisation now skips files that are already less than 20KB in size


  • Custom editable list cells in read-only columns are now mutable from a script
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