Change History for 8.1

Performance improvements, tweaks, new scripting functions, and bug fixes


11 December 8.1r1 fix for Gold/Datacentre 8.1

  • Gold/Datacentre 8.1 could display incorrect cost values for non-inventoried products in the margin display of sales transactions


7 December 2017

  • Datacentre: Include Unposted no longer fails due to unposted transactions being open for modification (in the case of Account Enquiry, this failure would be silent). It is, however, now possible for an unposted transaction to be partially included if changes to it are saved during running of a report (this is highly unlikely though, and considered the lesser of two evils)
  • Fixed a rare server crash in Bank Reconciliation finalisation with a slow network. Also slightly improved performance for good measure
  • Datacentre: Nightly save and backup for a document that is held open continuously overnight now moves the backup to the configured backups location as expected (Mac)
  • Age by Due Date report: Added breakdown by categories
  • An unfinished progressive Find in a list is now cancelled when you double-click a record in the list to modify it (actually any of Modify, New, Delete, Duplicate)
  • Fixed several issues with bank statement import and coding
  • Bank statement import now offers to open periods if necessary (if single-user mode is available)
  • Datacentre: Improved performance of bank statement import — especially evident on a high-latency network
  • Datacentre: Improved performance of transaction validation and saving — especially evident on a high-latency network
  • Datacentre: Improved performance of inventory transaction saving — especially evident on a high-latency network
  • Deleting a selection of transactions is now stoppable
  • Database tweaks to support future functionality
  • Stock History Report updated: Fixes error if run using selected locations and highlighted only
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when 4th parameter to Insert[Edit]ListObject function is not text type
  • Scripting: GetCodeField function now works properly for Name codes (supplier type parameter was not being received)
  • Scripting: Allow changing of current tab in product/job/name entry when exiting a field
  • Scripting: Scripts may replace Jobsheet.destranseq
  • Scripting: UI overlays now display correctly on HiDPI screens on Windows
  • Scripting: Fixed a potential crash in GetFieldValue (Mac)
  • Scripting: SetFieldValue can be used to change a tab control from an ExitedField handler
  • Scripting: Scripts can be copied to clipboard as RTF to retain syntax colouring (Mac)
  • Scripting: MakeGUID() function
  • Scripting: URLCallback calls must now be requested using a WebViewControl option
  • Scripting: Expat-based XML parsing functions XML_ParserCreate(), XML_SetElementHandler(), XML_SetCharacterDataHandler(), XML_Parse(), XML_Free()
  • Scripting: The DoReport() function may now take an optional extra parameter prefer_remote=1 to prefer running the report on the server even when latency is apparently low
  • Script editor now selects the bottom-most enabled script when opened (was selecting the preceding script)
  • Bank Reconciliation Start Over now refreshes transactions that are scrolled out of sight (Mac, cosmetic)
  • Stock History Report now accounts for Discounts on Stock Purchase Invoices
  • XML export now has the option of using .mwxml as the file extension
  • Journal Entry: Using shift-tab after entering last credit no longer sets the detail gross for that line to zero
  • Updated about box copyright date
  • Fixed drag-and-drop of images into Products (Mac, 64-bit)
  • Scripting: ReadCurrentRecordForWindow now returns correct value (as colour name) for colour fields
  • Product history list now shows transactions in colour for network clients
  • Fixed some spurious logging (Error 9) on server
  • Fixed button enabling in Order Processing dialog after selecting unbilled account
  • List printing now remembers preferred scale factor (Windows)
  • Fixed a problem with Script Editor autocomplete popup windows never closing on High Sierra
  • Form Layout dialog was not refreshing when new dimensions were entered (Mac)
  • Fixed a performance problem with syntax colouring in the script editor with very large scripts (Mac)
  • Save a Copy as Clone: Changed wording on dialog to better indicate that the balance date is end of financial year
  • Work around CURL error 35 on older Windows versions when accessing https
  • Single company Datacentre now autoselects first doc when none is specified
  • Fixed potential crash with a certain malformed search expression in a report
  • 🎶 and a kererū in kauri tree 🎄
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