Change History for 8.0.9

Bug fixes
9 Oct 2017

  • Doing a find by typing into the toolbar search box has not been finding within the current found set like it used to. That’s now fixed.
  • Fixed insertion of serial/batch numbers using the serial chooser
  • Fixed Chain Report creation (Mac)
  • The date column may now be shown in the transaction detail entry independent of serial numbers
  • Duplicating and reversing a CI with a PPD now clears the PPD info on the credit being created
  • Converting Cashbook 7 to Express/Gold 8 now creates AR/AP control accounts
  • Trial Balance report is now much faster when showing movements
  • Trial Balance report now prints the “includes unposted” advisory in the footer. In fact any report that implements include unposted functionality using a custom control will now get this provided that the custom control is named exactly “Include Unposted”.
  • Use Default Printer preference is now remembered (Windows)
  • Updated MYOB AO export (was still picking up the accountant codes when the option was unticked)
  • Fixed failure to copy backups to external locations when certain other server software is installed on the machine. Also avoid an unneccessary move for monthly archives.
  • Scripting/CLI: -z command-line option now sends the Load/Unload and UserLoggedIn/UserLoggingOut messages to scripts
  • Datacentre backups were omitting pictures folder with sanitised company name
  • Script editor script order now reliably saved
  • Preview from Report Editor on Windows now comes up on top when preview window first opens
  • Print List: Title (if altered) is now remembered
  • The log entry for Age Debtors now stores the optional As At date in ISO order for more reliable parsing by reports that wish to use it
  • Serial numbers in a Quote now transfer to the Job budget
  • Cashbook: Fixed missing resource error when attempting to change Fonts in preferences
  • Datacentre port range is no longer optional (since it is no longer possible to assign a port to a document using Gold)
  • Fixed slight misalignment of movements list in Account enquiry
  • Blank auto-allocation rules can no longer be entered
  • Selling an expiring batch now autofills the batch expiry date in the sale line
  • Stock transfer journal (and any new purchase) now updates a batch’s expiry date when a new date is supplied. This can be used to correct an expiry date that was previously incorrectly specified
  • Scripting: New function FindRecordsInListWindow(winRef, searchExpr) to apply a search to a list window programmatically
  • Jobsheet Analysis and Activity fields may now be changed on processed items using the Replace command (or ReplaceField function)
  • Fixed occasional truncation of long product codes in orders
  • Fixed lower limit on stale client time in Datacentre advanced settings
  • Reduced the instances of transactions being delete-locked
  • Scripting: ReadCurrentRecordForWindow funciton now returns 0 for sequencenumber for new and duplicated records
  • Updated Open-Item statements: Correct to use last “aged at date” where provided, instead of the date the ageing was done
  • Age by Due Date report: Fix zero suppression in right hand column
  • Cancelling serial chooser no longer allows invalid value to be accepted in serial cell
  • ApprovedBy fields are now cleared on a duplicate order/transaction
  • Detail line date column can now be shown independently of serial number column
  • You read the release notes! have a cookie 🍪
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