Change History for 8.0.3

1 June 2017

See the v8.0 release notes for new features in v8.

Performance enhancements and bug fixes

  • Datacentre: Sum Selection on Sales Orders — fixed (GetTaxRate function was unavailable on the server—long story)
  • Datacentre: Serverside reporting now works for users who have an @ in their username
  • Mac: Reinstated filtering of illegal characters in tax code creation (* and + must not be used in tax codes).
  • Datacentre: The Import() function now returns the last sequence number when the import runs on the server
  • ReplaceField function return value now accurately reflects the number of records affected (so can be used to detect a replace failure due to record locking).
  • Fixed the tab order of address fields in the Name entry window
  • CLI: fixed the -r option (was not working on Mac)
  • Drilling down to a product—a relookup of product pricing is no longer forced after merely changing the history view in the product window
  • Express/Cashbook: Some icons were missing (e.g. the Printed icon in the transaction list)
  • Since more and more Datacentre users are giving their accountant an Internet login, we’ve rewritten the MYOB AO accountant export format to run on the server to make it orders of magnitude faster
  • Same for Caseware (Solution 6 not yet optimised—does anyone even use it any more?)
  • External accountant export formats are now available for all localisations
  • Scripting: AutoFillField() function can now be used for an editable list cell
  • Scripting: CheckCodeField() and CheckAccDeptCodeField() functions can now be used for an editable list cell
  • XML import: fixed stripping of returns from transaction mailing/delivery addresses and others
  • Scripting: DoReport() to “text” on Windows client connected to Datacentre was inappropriately presenting a Save dialog for the resulting file instead of just writing it to a temp file
  • Windows sticky notes now come up on top of modal windows (when the list window is maximised)
  • FieldLabel() function now returns blank for a zero Payment Method
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