Change History for 8.0.2

8.0.2r2 22 May 2017

See the v8.0 release notes for new features in v8.

bug fixes

  • 8.0.2r2 Gold/DC: Fixed Accountant Export formats with Accountant’s Code (broken due to changed master export format)
  • 8.0.2r1: Fixed Accountant Export formats (broken due to changed master export format)
  • 8.0.2r1: Fixed display of certain integer fields when rendered on the server (e.g. Debtor Terms)
  • 8.0.2r1: Fixed display of “This Payment” column on Windows (was crashing into the scroll bar)

  • Prevent creation of an illegal account code (account codes must not contain hyphens—hyphens are for separating account codes from department codes).
  • Custom validations for new transaction fields were getting mixed up with validations for existing fields – fixed
  • Datacentre: Fixed failure when details records deleted while running a report
  • Gold: Stock transfer journals now balance properly on entry (previously they were corrected at posting time).
  • Scripting: Right-click on pictures in custom windows now works on Windows
  • Scripting: New sequence number is now available to scripts for a Duplicate records as well as New records
  • Scripting: Fixed crash on exit detail cell when a script opens a new window with a sticky note open
  • Scripting: SeFieldvalue: Now works for icon buttons like Post and Print in transaction entry
  • Datacentre: Running an Analysis report on the server for opening in Excel now works
  • Forms printing: unicode characters such as Ø were causing adjacent character to be omitted
  • Datacentre: Committing stocktake could time out on a slow server (fast stocktake commit will be re-enabled in a future update).
  • Scripting: The USRTEXT fields in the transaction entry window is no longer superimposed on the other user fields
  • Scripting: File_Move function now replaces existing destination rather than giving an error
  • Datacentre: Eliminate some spurious logging from the Backup process
  • Scripting: Fixed a potential crash in the Ask() function when given bad parameters
  • Gold: Prevent invalid combination of Count/Stock settings.
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