Change History for 7.3.4

30 November 2015

  • Server logging now logs client connections and disconnections even when verbose logging is off.
  • Fixed crash in report interpreter accessing a malformed table (with fewer header columns than data columns—prepending a truncated header row to a table may now result iin the table data also being truncated).
  • Script for-loop reading a text file now automatically transcodes MacRoman/WinLatin input to UTF-8.
  • Datacentre nightly save will now do a backup if no backup has been done within 2 hours.
  • A datacentre database server will now stay alive if it is getting constant connections and disconnections at a frequency higher than its idle close interval. This should result in better service for very active REST clients overnight.
  • Post an informative alert for users who attempt to use a version 5 or 6 serial number in a version 7 product.
  • Updating double precision floating point fields using single pass import (inc XML import) now works.
  • Fixed potential crash in xmldump export through network client.
  • Added Log10(), Log2(), and LogN() functions: for Sarah.
  • Fixed crash in Composite Tax rate entry (introduced with 7.3.3).
  • Bank Rec: Load Old — Finalised Date formatting.
  • Fixed crash loading corrupted form documents.
  • Fixed unlikely but potential crash when closing windows.
  • Fixed line height of session restore list on Hi-DPI Windows displays.
  • Can now change the Regional number format while MoneyWorks is running and the new format will be picked up.
  • MWScript Close message is less fragile (no longer sent with torn down window).
  • Added 4 static text fields to transaction entry window for use by user scripts (T_USRTEXT1 – T_USRTEXT4).
  • Datacentre console is now lipo’d by installer on Snow Leopard.
  • Bill of Materials: Allow more than four decimal places for components.
  • Mouse tracking in a list when a software update dialog pops up is no longer fatal.
  • Corrected enabling of some forms editor commands when a text item is active (Cocoa).
  • Fixed DisplaySelection function view selection flakiness.
  • Added correct help text to Standard Commission Report.
  • Bank Reconciliaiton finalisation on Cocoa was unreliable.
  • Server-side include unposted and payments history now work properly when server locale has comma decimal separator.
  • Fixed arrow key crash in Welcome screen when recents hidden.
  • Non-journal reversing recurring transaction had wrong sign for TaxAmount field.
  • Fixed a crasher when editing multiple custom forms simultaneously on Windows with more than one list item active.

7.3.4r1 1 Dec

  • Fixed extraneous lines in reports introduced by 7.3.4.
  • Fixed typo in old serial number alert.
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