Change History for 7.1.8

November 2014

Performance enhancement

  • Much faster data importing with Datacentre server on high latency network.

Other changes/features

  • Tax code popups are alphabetical.
  • Tax code override popup for Names now displays full tax rate names.
  • Windows version now includes support for SMTP servers that require encryption (sendEmail tool included in install).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed encoding glitch with some importing error messages.
  • REST: Don’t return a 401 for document requests with credentials in URL.
  • Displaying command-key equivalents (by holding down the command key) for controls with very long names no longer crashes.
  • Fix a potential crash on startup (TraverseFolder).
  • Increased the file open retry period for Windows Datacentre for better behaviour when reopening a document that has just closed down.
  • Fixed display of Outstanding column in Receivables/Payables on high latency network with Datacentre.
  • Fixed privileges on Aged Receivables reports.
  • Fixed a DOS vulnerability in the SSL handshake (Datacentre).
  • Fixed Entourage/Outlook mailing support (broken in 7.1.7). (Mac).
  • Made importing of transaction/product images more resilient to corrupt image files.
  • Fixed a potential crash when testing SMTP settings.
  • Fixed a problem where MoneyWorks Now usernames were being truncated at 31 characters.
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