Change History for 7.0.9

Bug fixes — January 2014

  • Fixed a potential crash when using Analysis reports with long file names
  • Fix crash on stocktake list when entering the search box from an active stock count field
  • Fix TLS SMTP email on Mavericks
  • Fix UK Prompt Payment Discount calculation when there are non-discountable items on an Order
  • Fix error when cancelling a transaction from the Bank Reconciliation on a network
  • Fix a crash on Windows when turning on Heading Only checkbox for some account types
  • Fix a problem with posting the necessary adjustment when a stock item with Append Salesperson on the Cost of Sales passes from negative to positive stock on hand (and also for the write off journal when stock was received ahead of the invoice). For both of these cases, the last department code in the relevant group will be used. If you encounter the situation with any regularity, you may wish to add a department specifically for these adjustments so that they don’t go against a salesperson. Use a code that is alphabetically/lexically the last in the group.
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