Change History for 7.0.7

November 2013

  • Critical fix for Datacentre GST/VAT finalisation: repairs mis-finalised GST/VAT on earlier v7 releases
  • Aged Receivables/Payables fixes and restored missing functionality
    Sort order fixes (note: to retain list sort order, use the Highlighted Only option)
    Drill down to transactions from aged totals
    Retrospective report for highlighted selection
    Fixed error with manual aging when there are overpayments
  • Multi-line text objects in forms on Windows were sometimes clipping final line
  • Find by field now preserves a “does not start with” search when invoked again
  • Bank Rec Summary list of unposted transactions was not printing correctly
  • Software update setup was unstable with extremely verbose long date formats
  • Calculation dialog box syntax check error alert Edit button now works correctly
  • Calculation dialog box syntax check error alert could crash for very long unknown idents
  • Cashflow Report: updated
  • Corrections to Datacentre Admin Guide
  • Time Sheet Entry: By Resource: Was not including first line in Qty total
  • Fix crash on Mac if user disallows access to address book after choosing Import Address Book
  • Fixed a problem with printing “posted movements by period” report from Account Enquiry for range
  • Fixed Hold checkbox clicking when Transaction window is very small
  • News feed in navigator sidebar now showing properly
  • Fixed occasional crash on startup during background software update check (Windows)
  • Updated Job Detailed report
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